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Sacred Self-Healing Program

This comprehensive 24-Step Self-Training Course Journey is a combination of our latest energy work modalities  with psycho-educational and recovery material. The heart-centered and non-religious approach of the course gently guides the participant through an amazing one year long self-healing journey.

The self-healing course is meditation based and can be done from home and on your on your own pace. The course is suitable for recovery work and highly recommended for anyone who wants to work with the deeper aspects of Ego, Shadow, Karma, Inner Divinity and True Self.  It shares hands-on energy work techniques, workbook & exercises and teaches how to read and direct inner energies and includes clearing, connecting and integrating modalities.

The Sacred Self-Healing Package consists of energy coded meditation processes, a 200+ pages workbook, exercises and access to our Self-Healing Forum. In addition it offers several interactive tools but leaves personal involvement up to the participant.

Each Step consists of a specifically coded Guided Meditation Process and pdf workbook pages

  • Download Delivery 2 Steps per month
  • Workbook & Exercises for each Step
  • Workbook Binder & 4GB Memory Stick
  • Access to Scared Self-Healing Forum
  • Access to Self-Healing Online Meetings
  • Remote Energy transMISSION Discounts

Package Price: $399 or $39 per month (12 installments)

Payment Options: $39 monthly/12 installments ($19.50 per Step) or $399 one-time payment as Package ($16.62 per Step)

By choosing the $39 monthly Installment Plan you are agreeing to pay for the full package (12 months).

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