What is a Remote Energy Session?

Remote Energy Sessions are completed at a distance without you being present physically.  Throughout the session, your energy will be connected with, scanned, and worked on at various levels.  This process involves clearing blocks and negative energies.   Also, your vibrational rate will increase, which will assist you in facilitating changes and allow access to blocked aspect(s) of yourself.

You may also experience vibrational energies or shifts within your field, have visions or dreams of various natures, and may even receive inner guidance about your life and path during the session.  Your experience is unique to your energy, your point in life, and your own energetic sensitivity.  The energy of this work can be felt several days before it occurs and several days to weeks afterwards.

If you align to this new vibrational level and begin to address the items found in the post session report, your life can continue to change as the sensations of your own energetic system increases.  The goal is to balance out your energy so you can feel a stronger connection to yourself, your inner power, and your own divinity.  By choosing this, you can allow yourself to feel what it is like to be unencumbered and to see your life in a different view.

What an energy worker experiences is different in each case and is much different than what you will experience.  It is important to understand that this work is very intense for the energy worker while being beneficial for you on many levels.  You must have the proper respect and demonstrate the appropriate effort for this change to be achieved and maintained. If no work is done after you receive a session, you will slowly fall back into the same patterns and the same energetic blocks.  As mentioned many times, you can only heal yourself, but sometimes you need someone to help facilitate the healing.  Are you ready to change and work?  Are you tired enough of where you have been?  Are you ready to take responsibility for your life?  If so, click here for more information on what types of sessions are available.

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