Remember Your ‘Why’ when Your Ego Flares Up!

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Most of us who are on the spiritual path have at one point or another experienced tremendous change, had glimpses of love come in or expansion, or even began to see our lives from a different perspective than that of the ego.  And then boom, life throws us a curveball or a new layer of fear, inferiority, victimhood, or pain shows up and we forget all that growth or even what it was in the first place that really got us in this ‘journey.’

Which, for most is likely more openness/mindfulness, knowing ourselves fully, greater abundance, more truth, or simply more lovingness or inner connectedness.

In these moments of doubt, we lose sight of the goal of healing or love and become mired in the frustration and perceived ‘lack of results.’  We can even get stuck at various energetic states and may be unsure how to proceed or even move out of the ‘stuck’ that we are in.

In short, we become a bit lost, confused, and we even fall back into old ways or programs of the ego that we swore we were never going to go back to again.  This can lead to bashing ourselves for our failure, making the ‘fall’ or contracted state that we find ourselves in seem even worse.

Just know that this happens to everyone on a path of growth and actually is a sign that we are experiencing the very growth we have been seeking!

At first, that may sound strange, but stick with me here as when we are really into letting go of the ego-centered approach and focusing on true inner connection for some time, it shifts our energy to a faster vibratory level where we are saying and showing we can face more, we can work to go deeper to let go, and we can handle more so that we can reach an even more rarified space or energetic state.

Think about this for a minute and simply ask yourself, would the ego throw its toughest challenges your way unless it was needed?  Or, would life throw you a bit of tension or tragedy if you didn’t need it or weren’t ready for it?

In these challenging times where we feel like we are faltering or starting to feel our energy contract, remembering ways to catch ourselves or remind ourselves to our ‘why’(inner connection) can be vital to stopping the downward spiral and remembering that the goal we have is to connect within, trust, and learn to discern.

Here are a few ways to remind yourself to shift so you can remember your inner why:

  1. Shift your Focus– your problems or drama will be there to deal with no matter what you are focusing on, and by taking a few minutes to shift your energy to a better state by going for a walk, playing with your pets, or listening to positive music or messages can get you into a healthier state so that dealing with your issues becomes easier and more options are available.
  2. Remember to Breathe– taking a few deep breaths why focusing on the center of your sternum can and will realign you to your heart center and calm you down
  3. Remember Touchdown Moments– without projecting or fantasizing, remind yourself of times where you did feel a deep inner connection to your heart or beauty and remember that those energies are still there…you just gotta work through what is in the way!
  4. Meditation or Prayer– both can help you to recenter your focus or your alignment (goal) back to daily devotion and focus on centering, letting go and Divine connection
  5. Humor can shift your perspective– learn to let go of taking things too seriously and laugh a little at yourself as this to will shift you out of rigidity and even lower vibrational states
  6. Restate Your Why  –this is the point to all the work you are doing.  By simply stating it again, it can snap you out of excuses or justifications for not working on it and get you into positive choices
  7. Reframe Obstacles or Blocks– see these temporary blips of energetic contraction as opportunities for greater levels of growth and change!

Work to catch yourself when you drop wherever you can, and keep practicing by focusing on what steps you can do each day to fulfill your goal!  Over time, the drops will lessen in length and your view of them will shift to one of excitement and not dread as it is moving from judging and defending to discerning and feeling!

Thank you!

with love,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach

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