Live Clearing Testimonials

I would recommend the live remote clearing sessions via Skype to anyone with a sincere interest in realizing inner change.  The opportunity to discuss in real-time what was observed or perceived took the process to a whole new level.  The live coaching and two-way communication assisted in reframing or shift of perspective on the spot and assisted in following different aspects to their root.  I found great results also in being able to help guide what was needed, through my feeling of what came up.  In short, it became a team process.

– Roger S., Florida, US

I have had the blessing of receiving a clearing with Jeff via Skype and it was an awesome experience.  Clearings, in general, have been very beneficial for me, but the Skype version adds to the experience by providing instant feedback.  This allowed me to feel and sense the process and what aspects where being cleared, which confirmed my sensations and enhanced my trust in my own energy reading skills.  I felt the clearing was deeper and more meaningful and allowed me to converse with and ask Jeff questions in real time, as they arose.  I’ve had many clearings over the years, and while they all aided me on my journey, the clearing done while on Skype seemed to amplify the learning process and the reference feelings I experienced propelling me forward more rapidly.

Rick Siperko, Virginia, USA

I really enjoyed doing the clearing session live. To me, it was more effective because it brought my attention to the areas they were sensing and looking at so that I could notice it as well. It helped me to connect the dots between the energetic sensations, physical sensations, and what aspects they were linked to. I feel like I have a better reference point now as well to notice when I’m getting signals from my body that something is out of balance.

– Melissa, USA

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