Consciousness/Metaphysical Authors and Writings

Dr. David Hawkins – Dr. Hawkins wrote several books and recorded numerous conversations on devotional non duality and consciousness expansion.  Truly an amazing teacher and one that really aids anyone seriously on the path.  Must reads for the serious seeker.



Stuart Wilde – Stuart was a very funny and clever teacher that helped many to see deeper into energetic fields and his writings were some of the first I used to delve deeper into reflection and healing.  He also taught me a great deal about energetic states and some pretty cool techniques.



 Metaphysical Energy Work and Event Sites

Transcodes – Both the the Heart-Warrior Program and the Sacred Self-Healing Program were created through partnering with as have several of the transmission modalities.  Transcodes is a platform for learning and breaking down the major aspects of connection, self-growth, and heart-based energy work.




The Hidden Doorway – site geared towards meditative and shamanic journeys started by a friend of mine.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending some of his events and they are very powerful.  These journeys are beautifully intense and can really aid connection with yourself and spirit.  Check out the site –



Other Writings/Authors of Interest

John Bradshaw – Inner Child work author as well as counseling.  Two his prominent works are:  Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing your Inner Child & Healing the Shame that Binds You.  Click on his name to be taken to his site to learn more.


Dr. Robert Firestone – Inspirational writings on Inner Critical Voice as well as a great deal of information on communication, family systems, and other psychological aspects.  His book, Fantasy Bond, is an excellent resource for anyone interested in increased awareness.  Click on his name to be taken to the Glendon Association.


More to come…


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