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Personal Energy Management, especially for energetically and highly sensitive persons, is probably the most frequently discussed subject in energy coaching. We all know how our daily exposure to negative energies at work, in traffic or even at home can wear our energy down, and even lead to chronic health conditions or uncontrollable emotional roller coasters. But, do we know how to prevent our frustration about not being able to follow through with our plans at the end of a day, because are too tired, not in the condition or not motivated to do any of it. We feel drained and exhausted – and have no clue how to get out of this repetitive cycle 9-to-5, tic-toc spiral.


It’s no secret that our energy is under constant bombardment, be it from the outside or inside. Everybody can feel several ups and downs throughout their day. Granted, we can change our diet, drink more water and exercise more – often this can bring the desired change for a while and we feel energized through these physical shifts. But what about our emotional, motivational and communicational energy? If not through physical shifts, how can we address our general energetic wellbeing more effectively?


When looking at our utility bills we are aware that certain conditions, such as proper insulation, energy saving appliances, well-maintained heating or cooling systems can drastically increase or decrease our cost of energy for our living.


However when it comes to our own journey, how many people do you know who can efficiently manage their personal energy? How can we influence the way we feel and express ourselves? What can we do to increase our overall health and fulfillment? And, are there things that we can learn do to consistently to feel full of life force, radiant, inspired and physically fit?


Here a few questions that may help you to assess your energetic state:

  • How many times a day do you pay attention to the energetic environment you expose yourselves to on a daily level?
  • Can you feel the difference between energy promoting and energy draining activities, people, places, and habits?
  • Do you know what is good for your personal energy and what isn’t in order to prevent energetic lows or know how to get out of them faster?
  • If your energy goes low, where does it go?
    • Do you feel angry, depressed, anxious, helpless or like you are going nuts sometimes?
  • How long do you normally stay there? A couple of days, weeks or months?



Assessing and regulating our energy levels can be learned. The art of reading, working, managing and navigating our energy more effectively can be practiced by anyone! It is one of our innate abilities to do so, we are just not aware of it.


What makes energy work so mysterious is that the approach has to be holistic and integrative. We cannot separate our emotions, sensations, feelings, and thoughts. Besides, when in an energetic low it is almost impossible to discern between all these different inner signals anyway! And so, instead of having a practical toolset for better dealing with inner and outer energies we often end up acting out on our energetic imbalances and feel even more terrible.


Energy Work is the practice of improving our energy flow. For most us this means neutralizing the negative effect of outer energies, which attracts us to Energy Clearing, be it through an energy work practitioner or through meditation. While removing outer energies is probably the most instinctual basic energy work technique and a good example for approaching our personal energy management, we can often only achieve temporary relief because we typically only address the surface layers of our energy body.


It makes sense to regularly clear our energy body, just like we know that we have to clean our physical body or brush our teeth to maintain our body and to prevent or minimize damage. However, for energetically sensitive people learning how to clear one’s own energy in order to remove absorbed outer energies, for example, can be we wonderful tool to lighten the load we carry around with us.


But Energy Clearing is often only the first step towards utilizing energy work…


As soon as we begin to really tune into our energy we realize that there are many unseen and often much deeper dynamics at play. We keep running into the same situations, keep attracting the same kind of experiences where we feel blocked, attacked or are literally unable to function how we want to in the moment. An energy work professional can help with this at a specific moment in time, but in order to become able to make long-term changes, we need to know how to care of our own energy!


What most of us underestimate is the complexity of our personal energetic makeup and how this can influence our energy flow. Whether we feel valued or accepted by others is often anchored in the deeper layers of our energy and can therefore only be resolved through learning new ways of perceiving ourselves and our energy body.


Excessive worrying, emptiness, loneliness, and general unhappiness as well as constantly feeling not good enough are aspects that require us to understand the link between our physical, emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual aspects. We all have several layers of coping strategies to get us through the day, but as long as we need external energies to deal with negativity, such as constant distractions/dramas, addictive behaviors, seeking approval or feeling like a victim we will hardly be able to change that the world around us feels hostile and that we feel stuck in it!


The biggest problem is that most of us can’t recognize negative energies when they try to come in – or begin to get a foothold in us. As energy coaches, we see this over and over again! But, even if we are able to get what triggered our ‘low’ after the fact, we are often not aware of how we could have prevented them from controlling our energy. And so, one of the energetically healthier strategies we teach is how a person can strengthen his/her energetic immune system in order to avoid these prolonged times of low energy in the first place.


It is not WHAT happens to us but HOW we deal with it, that determines our energy!


The trick dealing with downward-spiraling inner and outer energies is to recognize them fast enough as they occur – and to neutralize them before they can latch on!


In addition to our popular ‘How to Read Our Energy,’ we have now added a new ‘How to Manage Our Energy‘ modality. In this remote energy work intensive “Energetic Groundwork” we compiled the most effective basic energy work techniques in detail and teach a person how to develop their energy management skills first hand.


The intensive consists of three guided energy work sessions in which we present basic energetic management techniques while observing all participants energy field. After the sessions, we reflect on their personal experiences and coach them on how to apply and improve these techniques.


These recorded energetic processes are designed to increase our overall ability to manage our subtle energy field and to practice grounding, centering and self-clearing of our inner energies. In the course of this three-day intensive, we work with all participants directly and help to develop a personal energy improvement plan.


Each energy session takes 1 hour, will also include a Session Report and will be discussed in our transMISSION forum after the session where all who join in can share their experiences or ask questions.


  • ENERGETIC GROUNDING: Friday, 1/19/18 @ 9PM (MST) – guided
  • ENERGETIC CENTERING: Saturday, 1/20/18 @ 3PM (MST) – guided
  • ENERGETIC SELF-CLEARING: Sunday @ 1/21/18@ 3PM (MST) – guided

(sessions cannot be booked individually)

If you are interested in learning how to become an active participant in working and managing your energy check out our new ENERGETIC GROUNDWORK INTENSIVE coming up this weekend starting on Friday, 9th December 2016 or private session.


Click here for sign up info.


This Remote Energy Intensive is discounted for Sacred-Self Healing members.

Hope to welcome you to this great opportunity for learning how to take charge of your own energy!

Thank you for your time,



Jona & Jeff
Energy Coaches

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