Inner Child & Karmic Family Intensive – Friday and Saturday!

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4619014311Transcodes is hosting another very transformative intensive this Friday and Saturday.  First, on Friday the 5th @ 10pm MST the Inner Child Transmission will be held, and on Saturday the 6th @ 1pm MST the  Karmic Family Transmission will follow.  Both transmissions are guided meditations spoken and facilitated by Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper.

Inner Child Work

The inner child is simply a term utilized for any hidden or traumatized younger version of ourselves that holds us back or keeps part of our inner power at bay.  And, these aspects or parts of us will come forward with any dedication to the spiritual or psychological paths.

Of course, it is not actually the younger part of us itself that limits us, but more so the coping mechanisms created and the emotional pain associated with them that limit or hinder our growth.  These patterns and mechanism, as well as the pain associated, can really only can be understood and healed by reconnecting with these younger versions of ourselves and allowing them to help us work to accept and integrate all that is holding us back.

As already hinted at, our inner child can be resistant to come forward and typically hidden behind emotional pain or baggage, which creates the need for a space of safety to have the success in this work.  This is the main reason we created the Inner Child transmission.

During the guided transmission, you will be taken through a very loving process of connecting with whatever aspect of your inner child needs the most attention.  These younger ‘selves’ can shed quite a bit of light on our emotions, mental defensive structure, and our choices in life as we learn to reconnect with them.

As the connection work continues during the transmission a great change can occur.  Not only will our understanding for our past and current behaviors be increased, but what is needed to change our lives will come forward as well allowing us to have more space to develop new and healthier patterns.

The Karma of Family

Working through our karma is really the name of the game in spiritual work as it could be said that our karma is our ego…or at least a large part of it.   If we broaden this a bit into the understanding that we chose this life for the greatest potential for change and healing, the view of our family (understood as part of our karmic setup in some circles) begins to take on a different role.

Our family has it own life and ancestral heritage, and a major part of what we need to heal, change, and even just let go of is linked to the patterns within our family and our past generations.

This is not to say that we give up our family in the least, but more so we learn to let go what no longer serves us and our heart, which is what the transmission gently guides each of us through.  In this work, we can let go in gratitude what is no longer needed and enhance the understanding and compassion of not only our own patterns, but also those within our lineage.

The Combined Work

Individually, these two transmissions have allowed numerous participants to delve much deeper in their journey and bring a wonderful sense of peace about who they are as well as the chance to change or reconnect with part of themselves.

Together, they create a very powerful tandem of transmissions that build upon one another.  What comes forward on Friday will be added to or enhanced with the work on Saturday.  Countless times now we have heard how these weekend intensives have allowed for deeper work to occur, greater understanding, and what is needed to change to come forward in those who join in for the weekends.

For this weekend, the ability to link into the child first allows for the platform to be set for stronger family connection as much of what we need to release or heal from our family occurs during our formative years.

As always, both transmissions can be signed up for individually, but combined the work of both can be enhanced tremendously.  And, as always, each transmission will have a report from either Jeff or Jona as well each participant having the opportunity to share their experiences or ask questions on the Transcodes Forum (which now has well over 4000 entries on it!).

If you feel the pull to either transmission or both, please sign up and take the work further.  We look forward to both sessions and hope to have you join in!

Weekend Intensive – Click Here (Only $150 – savings of $50)

Inner Child Transmission – Click Here ($100)

Karmic Family Transmission – Click Here ($100)

Thank you!

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