Heart Warrior Program Testimonials

I decided to join the Heart Warrior program to really accelerate my journey of living a conscious life. I wanted to really walk the walk and talk the talk. This was very important to me as a mother of two adult daughters and now a granddaughter. I didn’t really have a clue how this program was going to change my life at the time. In just three months I have come to understand myself and how my patterns, conditions, and programs play out in my life. I really really thought I had a handle on all of this from my ten-year journey in the “energy world”. What I’ve come to understand is that there are always layers, no matter how much work you’ve done. This program has helped me recognize things on a much deeper level. Sometimes subtle and sometimes not so much. The work has helped me become the observer and really know what is coming up, which makes it much healthier in all my daily interactions and relationships.  Jona and Jeff provide a safe space to help uncover and remove all the “Stuff” that is no longer serving our highest good, They are always there to answer any questions, or give you the support you need at the time. I look forward to my continued journey with this amazing community of like-minded souls.
 – Sarah – PEI, Canada

I am amazed at the amount of growth and gained perspective in just three short months. Was it easy? Not always. Was it worth it? Beyond anything, you can imagine!

The cutting-edge knowledge and techniques that Jeff and Jona present through this course along with the dedication and care that participants receive is unlike anything else out there.  I am truly blessed to have been a part of this program.  I can honestly say I am a true Heart Warrior and can really feel it now!


During the program and transmission schedule, there is a mystical unfolding that seems to take place. As if each transmission was perfectly orchestrated just for you to develop, align, clear, recontexualize and uncover aspects of yourself that may have remained hidden or blocked by various coping mechanisms and an altered perception of self and the world. With the help of the coaches and the program, I have for the first time developed access to a ‘safe’ place within, by learning to connect with my heart and dedicating time and energy to nuturing myself i have found the ability to connect more with myself and others. There are many energetic dynamics at play, that during the program you begin to learn like what is mine, what is yours, where are my strengths, where are my weaknesses, what are my needs, what are my desires, am I being true to myself or do I mold like a chameleon trying to fit in?
What has been most suprising is what you feel you have worked through or possibly even believe to have made you ‘unique’ or ‘special’, may actually be an additional shadow trait for which may inhibit your ability to see, feel, or hear truth.
I feel the biggest pre requisite is the willingness to become real.
This program, is jammed packed and is of instrinic value. A gift to myself I will forever be grateful for and of the unconditional love and support found here at the Heart Warrior Program.
The biggest question comes when you are guided to create a life in truth, to become congruent and be of service to others….can you let go and surrender to the path of your heart?
Love Jemma 🌹

Right from the start, Jona allowed ME to make all decisions regarding starting this program or not.  I appreciated the fact that it was never about me being “another participant” but instead about me and my own growth, no matter what “place” I was starting from.  I didn’t realize how important that was at the time.

Every time I communicate with Jona and Jeff they are attentive, helpful, very organized and never “directive”.  Which now at 7 weeks in, I’m learning exactly why I’m so appreciative of that approach.  Because it’s about learning MY OWN inner guidance which I found was much more difficult to discern before I started this program.  They clearly practice what they teach!
I have been incredibly pleased with the personal skills I am gaining.  The knowledge they have is based in several areas that I consider both clinical and metaphysical, which I am drawn to.  They have amazing skills for remote practice and have been on target with me each time.  The personal coaching is invaluable to me!
Clearly there is more to come,  but I am confident I will end up having just what I need for an incredible base to my own personal and professional endeavors now and in the future.
Thank you for continuing to help me find peace.  I’m looking forward to the next half!
– Shiela, USA

I’m grateful a modality as the Heart Warrior Program exists. For the past 20 years I’ve read several books relating

to chakras, energy techniques, and spiritual practices/development without anyone to talk to, who not only had the
background in these areas but would work with me without judgment. Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper are the answers
for me. Through their Heart Warrior Program, they’re able to “turbo-charge” my spiritual development with insightful

counseling and very practical modalities. I’m only six weeks into the Heart Warrior Program and I know I’ve done the right thing.

They don’t just present material to me and then leave me wondering if what I’m doing is practical. They’re there

for me 24/7. It’s one thing to read books and understand concepts, but they’re useless tools unless you’re working with
people who can gently guide you and have been where you’re going. If I ever have any questions or concerns I can email
them anytime and they will respond back in a timely manner, often sooner than later. They have never left me hanging
and are always very supportive, helpful and inspiring. I truly look forward to working on myself each day knowing I’m
growing within. Just make sure you’re willing and ready on your end. You WILL be held accountable for your journey and
homework. I’d say if one wants to “turbo-charge” their spiritual journey with help in removing any roadblocks on your path
than the Heart Warrior Program is certainly worth considering. I’m very fortunate to have hooked up with Jona and Jeff.
Their knowledge and talents are invaluable. I can tell it all comes from Love! What can I say? They walk the talk.
–Bryan, USA

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