Heart Warrior Radio Recordings

Decode The Pathway To Your Inner Awakening

If you are interested in moving your spiritual journey from books, workshops and your inner isolation into your 3D life with real people and true talk, free of agenda or rigid views, Heart Warriors Radio (HWR) might be exactly what you have been looking for. Heart Warrior Radio is a new program designed to help you accelerate your personal spiritual, mental, emotional and physical journey. HWR features engaging guests and teaches you energy work techniques and powerful integrative self-transformation strategies. The show is hosted by Jona Bryndis (Energy Healer), Jeff Casper (Energy Healer), and Ryan McCormick (Outer Limits of Inner Truth).

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Earthquakes (7/19/19)

The Spiritual Meaning of Tattoos (4/26/19)

Using Awareness to Move Past Mind (3/21/19)

What are the Spiritual Benefits of Pain (12/19/18)

How to Activate Your Heart Mind (11/21/18)

How to Hack Collective Karma & The Emergence of Global Shadow (11/9/18)

The Metaphysical Meaning Behind Natural Disasters (9/21/18)

Understanding Karmic Relationships & Energetic Ties (8/3/18)

Is True Love Possible?  How to Align to Trust, Unconditionality, & Allowing (7/3/18)

OutVibrating And Holding Our Energy Against Planetary & Collective Influences (6/15/18)

Heart Warriors Radio: Are You Connected With Your True or False Self? (3/30/18)

Understanding Love & Self Love (2/24/18)

Predictions & Getting on the Other Side of Our Mind’s Fear (1/17/18)

Trusting the Healing Power from Within Our Heart (12/06/17)


More shows posted soon…



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