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During our recent Grace Mental-Heart Marathon, we had some very powerful experiences during and after the event, which was mostly a practice of not only reframing and releasing ties to lower vibratory interpretations or views of life, but also understanding that this practice…or the whole marathon, and even the journey that each of us is on is really a practice of self-love and honoring what it is we are…a soul who chose this path to heal and even unwind a bit of brought us to this point.

Thought it might be interesting to share one of the brief ‘flash reports’ that we send out after each session with everyone as it was a really wonderful event and can shed some light on what people experience as well as what information they receive during these sessions.

Field Report is from the last day of the marathon, 2nd session of the day

Self-love and a dedication to higher power (whatever you call that for you), is a method of trusting, even leaning on the heart at first as we feel unaware, unsure, or scared to fully embrace new ways of openness or vulnerability.

To our soul aspect or the Divine Aspect, there is no other way…but to our karma and what we need to learn to transcend or heal in this incarnation of life, that is a bit more difficult…or so it seems.

All of you have likely heard either from Jona or I, or somewhere else, that the spiritual journey is simple…nothing more than loving everything, forgiving yourself for not understanding or acting improperly from an ego perspective, and aligning more and more as our consciousness changes to that of the heart.

Simple, but not always so easy…

The challenge (or the not so easy part) of course is in the perceived separation of your ego state, compounded by the mind’s dribble (analyzing, judging, comparing, or even just overthinking) and the karma of the place we chose to incarnate into.  This perceived separation is simply the mirror of what we need to face, accept and heal by letting it all go over to the heart…via surrender.

Nothing more…nothing less

The practice of today’s sessions is part of this reconnecting or releasing of the separation, one step closer to surrendering all that we thought we were/are to that space of the heart out of respect and lovingness and dedication to that love and what we deem as God or higher power.

In this method, we honor all the lessons of our past and of our current situation, and then willing give things over to be transformed via the field and connection to the Divine.  With time, this transforms us more and more into a truer aspect of the Self or Divine within.

And, really what is occurring is your are taking away the conditions to lovingness of yourself and others.  Each of us (and likely all that are reading this) have already chosen a path of love, working our way out of pain and resistance.  Now, we are just refining and fine tuning our ability to love without condition.

The work of this session seemed to be geared towards releasing layers of judgment and mental curiosity/analyzing as each layer arose.  And, some of you may have felt even multiple changes in the words of the invocation as they came forward within a new context of the energy of the field.

This is one of the challenges of the spiritual path, to understand that truth changes as our energetic state does.  Now, from a Divine state, truth does not change as there are absolutes in those ranges that are constant.  But, our interpretation of them and how we perceive them changes with time and work.

Which of course brings the need for humbleness, compassion of the understanding that our humanness is quite often ignorant or naive.  And by staying open, we create the space to allow these changes and fine tunings to occur without judgment or self-bashing.

We move, more and more, into a state of feeling and being versus thinking and analyzing. 

As the session came to a close, a very powerful opening and softness came about for most, if not all the group, and likely brought about some tremendous relief and possibly a few tears of joy.  And, it also seemed to help release some ties to the old animal and reptilian aspects of our brain (mid & hind brain), which will aid us as we keep going into our heart space.

Thank you again for your work and for all the coaches that have aided us in this event.  We have one more session to go, and it is going to be good one.  Keep fine-tuning, keep aligning and don’t forget to laugh a little at what your mind or ego comes up with, helps keep things in line.

With love,



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Thank you!

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach & Founder of


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