Grace Integrity & Clearing Combo

Grace Integrity & Clearing Combo



Grace Integrity Combo

This combination of an energetic clearing, Grace Integrity Transmission (via Transcodes) and a live coaching session with either Jona Bryndis or Jeff Casper is one of the most effective ways to not only help clear or shift your energy, but also to feel what integration and change is like from an enegetic standpoint.

Individual clearings are very directive and more masculine as the work done during this session pinpoints weakened and blocked areas to clear the stored emotions and heavy energies around our ego patterns.  This does not necessarily heal these aspects, but sheds more light on the pains and emotions hiding within our systems allowing the blocks to be cleared.  This cleared ‘feeling’ or higher vibrational level that is experienced in this session is a wonderful way to remember how we can feel when we are less cluttered, blocked or weighed down by the stored emotions around our restrictive patterns and rigidity.

The Grace Integrity sessions are a softer more feminine way of allowing the connection of the heart to deepen while calmly integrating the restrictive patterns coming forward.  This process can also assist clearing, but it more linked towards integration and acceptance through the strengthening the heart connection.  These sessions are extremely powerful as the changes that occur after the sessions can be astounding in effect.  The level of enhanced connection to the heart level allows for a deeper understanding of who we are allowing for more compassion for ourselves, our patterns and aspects coming forward, and others.

And, adding in the coaching session/aspect, we can aid you in putting it all together and helping you to refine what is needed to change, what is needed to align to, and to help you voice out what it is you truly want!

Individual Clearing Sessions can also assist you with:

  • Clearing excessive emotions or attachments
  • Revealing and Integration of all disharmonic (ego-based) aspects in life
  • Feeling or obtaining a new perspective on what it feels like to be clear and enhance your ability to go into self-care and healing
  • Enhancing overall energetic levels to aid in connection, integration and letting go
  • Enhancing Sacred Heart Connection (Inner Divinity, Christ-Light/Source) and balancing/harmonizing of masculine and feminine energies within
  • Reclaiming of lost soul parts and pineal gland activation (Third Eye)
  • Increasing compassion for yourself and your lower vibratory expressions
  • Chance to interact with experienced energy coaches to help break down or enhance deeper understanding and what may be better choices in your life (via email or coaching sessions) to help integrate and live more abundantly

All energetic coaching sessions for clearings are approximately 60-90 minutes via Skype.

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