How to Read & Work Your Energy – CHAKRA INTENVSIVE starts this Friday

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Once every quarter, we hold the powerfully effective Chakra Clearing Intensive to really aid participants in how to feel, read and balance their own energetic systems (also read: “Developing an Inner Lexicon of Sensations”)

This event not only includes detailed guided meditations and techniques to aid anyone to connect with their inner chakras and the energetic bodies outside their physicality, but also has exceptionally informative and valuable educational material to really increase the awareness and knowledge of our energy and the connection we have to our True Self.

The first guided session (Chakra I – 7 Main Physical Chakras) this Friday the 13th at 9pm (MDT) will focus on the seven main internal chakras, allowing those who join in to really feel and work with these centers to balance, harmonize and increase energetic flow.

The second guided session (Chakra II – Chakra Fields) this Saturday the 14th at 1pm (MDT) will shift to the outer seven consciousness chakras located around and not in the physical. This adds great detail to the work and can really bring up very deep blocks and hinderances to our energetic flow. Really a beautiful meditation!

The last session (Chakra III – Unified Self & Etheric Protection) held at 1pm (MDT) on Sunday the 15th helps to align and unify all the energetic centers within to fully consolidate and lock in the faster vibratory fields that we all have access to in this life and have aligned to over the first two sessions. Although this is the only self-guided process, the instructions detail this powerful technique to aid all in the work.

The Chakra Intensive can truly benefit anyone looking for a boost in their journey. The increased sensitivity and sensations that can and do occur with this work bring about amazing change, and this is why we have this event as a mandatory event for each of our 90 Day Heart-Warrior Programs.

If you would like to read a bit more or sign up for this 3 remote energy session weekend combo, please click here!

Hope to have you join in for a wonderful three day event!


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Jeff Casper

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Jeff is an energy worker who has the ability to shift his perception through various levels to help a person’s own energetic self clear blocks, help repair energy systems and work to bring balance to an individual’s energetic system. He also is shown various energetic patterns or connections within the individual that can help them go further if they are willing to diligently work on themselves. This energy work can be a very helpful step in advancing an individual’s personal and spiritual evolution by better understanding the deeper levels of their energy system.

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