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  • Energetic Adjustment Session – Sovereignty – This Friday @ 10PM MST - The monthly Remote Energetic Adjustment Session (led by Jona Bryndis)  assists participants in responding to current energetic shifts and transformational occurrence. During these powerful and effective one hour remote transmissions, Jona works with each individual’s energy with the focus on helping a person’s energy align more to truth while allowing for a healthier experience when dealing […]
  • PERSONAL ENERGY TRAINING – How to Protect Your Energy From Others? - Recently we have added several new ‘Learn How to’ Energy Work transMISSION Intensives to help people learn not only read and manage their own energetic systems. The approach in these remote energy sessions is based on providing a guided training for our inner perception and sensory system to refine to a level on which we […]
  • GRACE integrity® – Emotional Integration Work For Allowing Self-Love - transMISSION Modalities Explained One of the most popular energy healing modalities offered here at transCODES is Emotional Integration with our GRACE Integrity® remote energy sessions (group or private). Working with the various Grace Cycles aid those on the spiritual path by aligning to and practicing connection work through multiple layers and aspects of our journey […]
  • The Basics Get you There… - Every person who is a master of their craft, their trade, their sport or instrument knows the power of sticking to the basics…honing their creativity by repetitively doing the initial exercises that allowed them to learn their way and their expression of their creativity via their chosen activity. The olympic sprinter understands this as they know […]
  • Etheric Power Clearing – Using Christ-Light To Overwrite Our Etheric DNA - In times of elevated collective or planetary influx of transformational energies, which are often induced through shifts and changes in the electro-magnetic grid or collective matrix, our energetic triggers are amplified. This can affect our inner balance and well being on all levels with increased intensity and can lead to resurfacing of symptoms of emotional, […]
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