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  • Energetic Self-Clearing Training Combo – This Weekend – Starts Friday the16th @ 10PM MDT - This new three day remote intensive combines the power of three separate transmissions to help us break down barriers to the heart as well as harmonizing our energetic field with that of higher vibrational energies. The power of these transmissions combined will be the connection to faster/higher consciousness level states to allow for deeper understanding […]
  • Energetic Protection Series – A Must Have for Energetic Sensitives -   ETHERIC PROTECTION Recently we have added several new ‘Learn How to’ Energy Work Transmission Intensives to help people learn not only read and manage their own energetic systems. The approach in these remote energy sessions is based on providing a guided training for our inner perception and sensory system to refine to a level […]
  • Energetic Adjustment Session – This Saturday @ 10pm MST - The monthly¬†Remote Energetic Adjustment Session (led by Jona Bryndis) ¬†assists participants in responding to current energetic shifts and transformational occurrence, and really is one of those events that can really aid you in dealing with the fluctuations of the collective energies. During these powerful and effective one hour remote transmissions, Jona works with each individual’s […]
  • Dealing with Stubborn Shadow Traits - Recently, you may have noticed that some of your ego patterns, shadow trait,s or deeper aspects of your defensive structure/ coping programs are flaring up again or showing new strenght in your life even though you have been really working to integrate, heal and let go. This is usually not a sign of regressing or […]
  • Grace Integrity & Clearing Combo is Back! - Recently many have experienced a need for not only clearing excessive or collective energies, but also a strong need to reframe and integrate stubborn or persistant patterns that seem to keep them tied to their egos, acting out, or feeling little to no control over their actions and lives. To help with this, we are […]
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