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  • Grace Sacral Heart Marathon Starts This Friday! - It is time again for our monthly marathon event!  These 3-Day intensives are a form of exposure therapy to heart-level/love-based energies, where tremendous insight and compassion are not only experienced, but also anchored into a our system in a way that our old patterns lose tremendous ground and new methods and ways will be unveiled to feel differently, understand more, […]
  • By Not Looking into Your Shadow, You Risk Staying Unconscious… - It is no secret that when it comes to learning about one’s self or seeking a path of truth, that at some point we gotta dig a little and see what is really going on with us from within.  This search, this contemplation is simply an agreement to truly sense or become real about all […]
  • Sacred Self-Healing Program & Energetic Clearing Combos - For the next 30-Days, we wanted to offer a couple of specials to help take the journey further for those interested in really taking things deeper.   We are combining energetic clearing sessions with our comprehensive 24 Step Self-Healing Program (SSHP) to give a very extensive snapshot of where you are at and a deeper […]
  • Active Self-Healing Work – Recent Reflection of Grace Gaia Sophia Marathon - THE HEALER’S HEROIC JOURNEY – GRACE Gaia Sophia Marathon Reflection (Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper) Thought you might enjoy the reflection of this 3-day event by Jona and I below as it shows what a person goes through in one of these very intense and powerful events.  Enjoy! Dear All, It is the day after the GRACE […]
  • The Mystical Journey To Spiritual Wisdom – Grace Gaia-Sophia Marathon Starting This Thursday the 31st May 2018 - Each month we hold a three day, nine remote energy transmission marathon event that focuses on one of the Grace Modalities offered through Transcodes and SelfUnificaiton, and these events are one of the most transformative experiences that we offer.This week (Thursday-Saturday 31st May – 2nd June 2018), we are hosting the Remote Energy Grace Gaia […]
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