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  • Divine Masculine Workshop this Saturday the 13th from 1-4PM MST - This Saturday we are hosting as special Healing Circle Workshop where the focus will be on Reconnecting with the Divine Masculine. Anyone who has walked down the spiritual path knows that we will have to confront and heal our views and limitations around femininity and masculinity, and currently, there is a strong need to heal our connection with, understanding of, […]
  • What’s Your Story Going to Be? - Ever sit back and really feel into what you are focusing on?  Just taking a bit of time to sense what it is you are building, seeking or aligning to? Most of us have, but on any given day, we only have so much awareness of our choices no matter how much we have done […]
  • The Power of Energetic Clearing and Coaching Combined - Energetic Clearing sessions by themselves are beneficial and can help those who are really working with their energy and their system for healing and enhanced consciousness and energy.  But, it is in the translation of and the work following the clearing or energy work that really has the power to effectively change a journey or […]
  • Getting Through the Holidays with a bit of Humor - Hello All, Happy New Year to everyone and wish all the best for 2018.  Jona Bryndis at Transcodes has been hosting Getting Through the Holidays for the last 11 Days interviewing numerous guests and covering all kinds of ways to deal with stress, growth and the potential for the new year!.  So, thought it might […]
  • Energetic Visioning: The Importance of Developing Your Own Lexicon of Energetic Feelings and Sensations - Energetic Sensitivity means that what we experience is not just what we can see with our visual eyes. Someone who is highly perceptive to the unseen also sees the world through their inner mind’s eye. Some of us shut our sensitivity down, out of fear – others follow their inner prompting and use it to […]
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