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  • Karmic Family & Inner Child Work Intensive – This Weekend! - Hello all, Every month, we hold intensives with various themes to allow participants to delve deep into certain aspects of their journey, and the work of these intensives is accumulative allowing for multiple layers to be pulled back or worked through. These events are not just energy work sessions, but go much further through session […]
  • Understanding Energetic Perceptivity - Empaths and highly sensitive people have no problem with perceiving energies per se; but we don’t know how to discern or work them. We feel ‘stuff’ in us and around us all the time, but we often don’t know how to handle or manage them. We are usually overwhelmed or even feel dominated by ‘energies’, […]
  • How to Read & Work Your Energy – CHAKRA INTENVSIVE starts this Friday - Once every quarter, we hold the powerfully effective Chakra Clearing Intensive to really aid participants in how to feel, read and balance their own energetic systems (also read: “Developing an Inner Lexicon of Sensations”) This event not only includes detailed guided meditations and techniques to aid anyone to connect with their inner chakras and the […]
  • Practicing Heart Based Intention (Recent Field Report from Marathon) - During our recent Grace Mental-Heart Marathon, we had some very powerful experiences during and after the event, which was mostly a practice of not only reframing and releasing ties to lower vibratory interpretations or views of life, but also understanding that this practice…or the whole marathon, and even the journey that each of us is […]
  • One Day Left of the Individual Clearing Special! - You still have time to take advantage of the 50% discount on individual clearing sessions that goes until October 2nd.   Act now and sign up for a chance to work with Energy Coach, Jeff Casper, who have over 10 years experience in Energy Clearing and aiding people to work through what is blocking them […]
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