The Power of Holding Yourself Accountable

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Sometimes when we are working on a goal, on an achievement, or even simply our own personal journey of expansion, we can become complacent or lost in processing, clearing, integrating, and miss the whole point of this work…

Which is bringing in ACTIVE CHANGE to begin to or further create the life we want!

We all have felt this sluggish lack of movement before either out of fear, laziness, excuses, feeling the pain of change, or simply keeping ourselves busy with ‘other things’ and then not devoting the needed time to change.

Typically, when it comes to personal growth this ‘stuckness’ is due to fear and what could happen if we were really committed to and aligned to completing one goal after the other.

Not committing to our goals leads to further judgment, deeper downward spiraling, and self-defeating patterns that actually can become even more difficult each time that we do not push ourselves to follow a goal through to the end.

By agreeing to commit to someone other than ourselves, we up the liability to not taking action and this typically creates greater results, even if at first it is just to ‘save face’ and nothing more.

And, if that seems wrong or low to include outside sources to aid in our own growth…simply don’t go there.  Remind yourself that whatever it takes to begin to or add to the healthy and active change in your life is key.   The drama, emotions, and pain will still come up, but by having a support system of a buddy, a group, a coach, or teacher as part of our commitment team, we know that we are not only accountable to ourselves but the other in facing that pain, laziness and sluggish aspect(s) of us that feel afraid of change, commitment, or challenging ourselves.

This can be the guiding light early on as the group or person chosen can ask us, ‘how’s it going,’ ‘did you do your ‘stuff’ today,’ or even ‘how are you feeling?”  Which, gets us talking about the pain, about the struggle and the changes that are occurring leading to a greater chance to effectively continue to add to what we are doing to make our lives into what we want!

So, if you are struggling to work on yourself, wondering why is it so hard, find someone you consider some form of a mentor to help you hold yourself accountable.  Tell then what you need, and if they agree, go for it!

Or, find a training buddy or group that wants similar goals and interact with them…even workout, or do the needed activities together.  Dealing with things together makes it easier as you can hold each other accountable and stick to the plan more effectively.

Remember, it is the pattern of not facing, not taking action, and staying stagnant that are we are working to break…  Basically taking no more excuses.   Once the changes are starting to be felt, you can actually begin to see the positive feedback loop and celebrate together, further enhancing the chances at overall growth and repetitive change and expansion.

Here are some other benefits of having others aid in holding ourselves accountable:

Accelerated Performance:  When working with a mentor who knows the goal you are working on, working out the issues and facing certain aspects will be easier as the mentor knows the ups and downs of the issues at hand

Increased Responsibility:  By getting into the habit of being accountable for your goals, you are creating patterns of taking charge and learning that you are the one in control of the change needed

Enhanced Fun & Humor:  Sharing with a friend or group can really add to the character of your journey as you’ll hear their struggles that can be quite entertaining or similar to your own leading to a bit of joy in the ‘struggle together’ and even a bit of humor at seeing how everyone is dealing with the change!

Learning from Others:  by learning to work with someone else or a group, you automatically become more engaged in change and growth as you will have to describe your own ups and downs as well as hear the others leading to likely even more growth and working smarter!

Performance Enhancement: When you know someone else is watching or will see what you did, it typically creates more sustained effort, pushing yourself further, and making sure that you are really following through on what you said you would do!

Keeps you Grounded in the Now: By being held accountable, you will have an increased chance of not getting lost in the ups and downs of change as the group or the other person can aid in calling you out, working through minor issues before they become big, as well as remind you to stay on task (daily tasks and duties and not the overall goal only)!

Longer Term Change and Healthier Pattern Development: The group, training buddy, or mentor/coach can help you to stay on track while your body, ego, or mind are whining away trying to get you to stop.  They can carry you a bit, here and there, so that you stay on track longer and have a greater chance of creating longer-term change, healthier patterns, and growth!

So, if you are struggling with change or find yourself in loop after loop of unhealthy choices, find someone or find a group to help you stay on track to your goals.   Tell them what you need, Share with them, learn, listen, and become active in the change so that the old ways fade further and further away and newer, more exciting ways stick in your life!

If you would like to learn more about this work or need assistance with your accountability, check out the 10-Day Challenge below or the Heart Warrior Program.

Thank you!

Jeff Casper
Energy Coach


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