SelfUnification.com  is dedicated to self improvement, consciousness expanding, and increasing awareness.  The term Self Unification, is the ongoing process of unifying and living in the awareness of your physical, spiritual, mental, and energetic aspects combined into the conscious self.  By bringing together or unifying these aspects of ourselves, it is our belief that we can become more whole, more aware, and more true to who we really are as a person.

The combination of working with a person’s energetic field or systems to assist in the clearing or enhancing of their energy as well as the communication of what blocks and patterns were found during sessions, can be a very powerful process that allows for participants to have a greater understanding of themselves.  By participating in this work, a person can also develop a greater connection to themselves and their own Divine nature.

The services and writings on this site are of no particular teaching or religious views, but may contain various spiritual or psychological terminology to help further explain changes or growth within the sessions that occur.  These terms do not necessarily express or define or spiritual views and/or beliefs, but allow for us to explain the work involved on this site.

To contact us with questions or concerns about energetic sessions that are currently available, please read about Energy Work or sign up for a session on the Energy Sessions page.  You can also email us at selfunification@gmail.com.

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