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The next 90-Day Boot Camp starts 1st of each month
Continued Self-Mastery available all Year. Couple Discount available.

A revolutionary new consciousness development and integrative self-mastery program!

The Heart Warrior Program has a tightly planned schedule rooted in meditation and remote energy transmission processes along with personalized coaching sessions to aid a person in working with heart connection, the ego, shadow traits, Grace work, intimacy, True Self and the Divine Field.

This program requires a strong dedication and is only for those who can commit to the work and the pace of weekly transmissions, daily mediations, and coaching sessions focused on strong and effective spiritual work.

THE JOURNEY – 90-Day Small Group Intensive

This 90-Day Boot Camp Intensive combines the work of the Sacred Self-Healing Program and the Grace Cycles into a very structured and fast paced initiative for those who are looking for an intense makeover at the beginning of their deeper spiritual journey.

$2000 or $699/month (3 installments)
$2700 0r $999/month (3 installments) for couples (email us @ info@transcodes.com)

For Sacred Self-Healing Discount: $1600 or $566/month (3 installments)


SELF-MASTERY CONTINUED – 1 Year Group Intensive

This continued 1-Year Intensive is for all graduated Heart-Warriors that want to continue their guided deeper journey with regular coaching, clearings and transMISSION sessions.

Rate: $3400 or $299/month (12 installments)

For Flat-Rate Participants: $2400 or $199/month (12 installments)

Heart Warrior Program Member Services:

The Program Includes the following:

  • Sacred Self Healing Program full 24 steps included with the program
  • Download Delivery of 2 Step per month
  • Workbook & Exercises for each Step
  • Workbook Binder & 4 GB Memory Stick
  • Access to Sacred Self-Healing Forum
  • Access to Self-Healing Online Meetings
  • Access to all Training Videos
  • Remote Energy Transmission Discounts
  • Clearings
  • Detailed session reports for each clearing are discussed during coaching
  • Free Admission to selected Remote Energy Transmissions
  • Grace Integrity Cycle
  • Monthly Energetic Adjustments sessions
  • Chakra Clearing Intensive (3 sessions)
  • Free Admission to Selected Guided Energy Process based on the needs of the person and what comes up during the program
  • Access to the transCODES private Heart-Warrior Forum to share and ask questions
  • Ongoing Graduate Discounts to Grace Cycles mentioned above after completion of program ($10 per session)
  • Coaching Sessions (12 for the 90-Day Boot-Camp; Biweekly for the 1 Year Program)
  • Monthly Training Webinars
  • Weekly Newsletters with Energy Update & Weekly Tasks
  • Questions Regarding the Heart Warrior Program

What if I want to do the Heart Warrior Program and already own the Sacred Self Healing Package?

The price for those who have already purchased the Sacred Self Healing Package will be credited in full, which will result in a full price for the Heart-Warrior Program of $1600 or $566/month.

What if I have already purchased the Sacred Self Healing Program and the Transmission or Energetic Adjustment Flat Rate?

The price for this situation would be the Self-Mastery Rate of $1000 or $349/month.

What if I have already participated in the 90-Day Boot-Camp and want to continue?

You are eligible for the SELF-MASTERY Continued Rate $299/month

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