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With all the current tension that is coming up around the world with the virus fears, political stress, environmental concerns, stock market drama, forced isolation and general anxiety feelings felt by many, it is important to remember that adding to the fear or the panic is the last thing you want to do.

Now, that is easier said than done, as the news and social media sites are spewing out anxiety based headlines, spinning of facts, and also pointing out areas where we ‘don’t have all the information’ as of yet that can rile a person up to the point where we are not sure what to do next. Leading many trying to get all the information so safe are ‘safe’ or seeking isolation/staying away from everything, which just keeps us spinning in our ‘fear-based’ thoughts and worry adding to overall issue of too much information and too much worrying.

With most ending up being glued to ‘what is next?’


What could happen?
Where does it go from here?
Why is this happening?
What does it all mean?
Am I safe?

And on and on and on…

None of these questions are abnormal, but none of them can aid us in calming down or relaxing as we are dealing with an environment right now that rife with uncertainty and turmoil. The need is not fix anything as most of it is out of our hands. More so, the need is to calm down and work to control what it is we can control as well as pull out of the anxiety spins and thoughts before they form.

Calming down is done by disengaging, but distancing ourselves at first from the anxious-based stimuli that is spiking up our emotions and learning to self-regulate. And, in our very digitally ‘connected’ lives there is a 24/7 horror film on most news channels and social media sites that once we click on them just keeps adding more dark hallways to go down and ways to separate off of from the healthier views that are out there if you just look. Which, brings up a simple question, how do we stop being scared by horror films?

We stop watching them, plain and simple! Or, better yet, we calm ourselves down, follow basic protections given by professionals in the field, and then learn to focus elsewhere.

By disengaging from the stress and agreeing that we are not in charge of anything other than our choices and how we choose to interact (not react) to the world around us, we can take back control of our moods. We work to remember that life is always uncertain and that by embracing this uncertainty, we are truly living and not denying life.

Below are 7 simple things we all can do to slow down and begin to get better control of our reactivity or when we feel to stress or worried:

Take a Few Moments to Breathe
Stepping back or sitting down for 30 seconds to a minute and just focus on our chests rising and falling and even engaging our diaphragm fully (deep breathing) can quickly pull us out of our fight or flight response and more into a relaxed state allowing us to be more present in the moment.

Ground Yourself
Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground or sit against a tree. Breathe in and feel the strength or the solidity of the floor or the ground. As you breathe out allow all that is stressing you to go into the ground. Do this a few times a week and you’ll be able to center yourself very quickly allowing you pull yourself out of anxiousness or even feeling down.

Have a Good Laugh

Laughter is healing and good medicine they say.  Put on a funny movie or listen to something to get you smiling a bit!  Can do wonders for you!

Talk to Loved Ones and Good Friends
When times become challenging, what matters most to us takes priority. Talk to those you hold dear even if over the phone or facetime, check in with those you love and connect even laugh a little. Spend time asking others about their lives and share about yours. This connection allows us to share and feel as if we are not alone and helps the other brighten up their day as well. It is through connection that we garner our strength in tough times.

Exercise a Bit
30 minutes a day of walking, stretching, or some form of movement does wonders for the body and our stress level. If you can do it outside, even better as the light from the sun aids in so many things as well for our health.

Drink Water & Eat Well
Making sure your water intake is equivalent to one ounce of water per pound of bodyweight will not only help keep you very healthy, but also limit your fear. And, if you add in a healthy diet you will have a better chance of combating illnesses and stress. Take time to work out what is best for your own body and listen to it!

Reach Out when you are Struggling
There is no shame in needing help. If you are struggling with anxiety, fear, depression, or simply an overactive mind, reach out and find help. Seek counseling or some coaching so that you begin to have someone aid you in reframing your current situation to better help you deal with things and find meaning in these tough times.

Life’s toughest challenges allow us to grow the most, but we have to be willing to face the storm that is present. Just know that you are not alone in this and there are things you can do to change where you are currently at ALWAYS!

Thank you,

Jeff Casper, M.S., R.M.H.C.
Energy Coach & Founder of SelfUnification.com

Email me at selfunification@gmail.com for FREE Initial Coaching Session.

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