What is the Best Concept to Align to for Growth?

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We’ve all likely heard something along the lines of ‘we are who we hang around,’ or ‘what we dwell, we do well on.’  And, this is fairly accurate as what we spend our time on, we tend to get good at…

But, when it comes to growing spiritually or personally, what would be one concept that we could align to that would take us quite far?  

Would it be knowledge?  

Might work, but there are a lot of facts, info, and fascinating things that may or may not be the best for our growth or spiritual development as the knowledge presented may or may to be accurate or true…just knowledge and not necessarily applicable.

What about happiness?

Wouldn’t be bad either, but what is happiness?  Is it defined by a state we choose to be in, or do we need something outside of us that makes us feel happy?  For most, it is the latter and feels fleeting at best or only satiated, but never fully satisfied.

Love, now, that must be it, right?

Maybe…  Why maybe?  Well, for most love is something brought about by obtaining something or being with someone and not necessarily the state of love.   Love, from an energetic view, is brought about by agreeing to work to love all things and situations as simply expressions of life and nothing more.  This has nothing to do with anyone being in our not being in our lives.

How about truth as a choice? 

Would that work or make for a greater change or even lead to a better understanding of what love or happiness is?  This one may be it…

Truth, from a more open or integrous perspective, is to actively choose and seek what is real and not hiding or manipulative.  It a way of life that allows us to fully go into accepting ourselves as we are in the moment…even if we don’t like what we are or are becoming.

Truth takes us into responsibility and the understanding that if we want to change, we better get on it.  Being brutally honest and accepting of where we are at is a way to bring about the possibility of change at a level not fully understood until we go there.  As when we do, more is shown, more unfolds, and we can even learn to a greater degree how true and not true our lives really are.

Then, of course, how do we know what is true?  This is challenging to say the least and is a topic that numerous books have been written on that in a quick little view of them can come down to really two different scenarios regarding what we label as true.

Truth from a more loving state or from a more Absolute or Divine state is based on following the golden rule, being respectful, and working to go more and more into that truer state.  It is agreeing that we don’t have all the answers, we are prone to mistakes, but with time can feel out what seems true to us or integrous in nature.  What supports life and does not limit or take away from.

Truth from a more ego-based or gain view has a tendency to use half-facts, coincidence, and justifications to make things fit into how we ‘want’ them to…not necessarily what is true.  Personal gain is not needed to define truth…truth in itself does and for most of us, we usually know when we are not fully owning up to things or dodging the reality of any given situation.

With enough time of really feeling into what is true and real, we can become quite good at feeling out what is life-supporting and integrous and what is not.

As we keep aligning to the truer nature of things, we begin to witness and sense life differently.   We see the power and effectiveness of embracing, accepting, and maybe even loving how life flows when we agree to take it as accurately as we can witness it.

This takes brutal honesty and the understanding that ‘not true’ parts of our lives are what leads to suffering, rigidity, blaming, and negative coping that actually collapses us further and limits what we can feel and see or have as options to change or grow.

Being true to yourself and your life breeds a more open, neutral and even respectful stance as we begin to realize that everyone is in this game together so by respecting this we see the need to honor not only our journey, but everyone else’s.

Do this long enough, and well…we may also be able to understand or feel more content with life (possibly even happy) and even begin to love ourselves a bit more as now we feel more in charge of where our life is going.  We’ll see the power of taking control of our actions (and only ours) as well as learning to take life less seriously.  We may even begin to sense life from a state that everything is perfect just the way it is…

So, if I were you, I’d choose truth as my ally.  This way you can begin to get better and better at sensing it and aligning to it as remember…what you dwell on, you do well on!

Thank you!


Jeff Casper
Founder of Selfunification & Energy Coach


For those who are seeking a bit more truth to their life and maybe what is troubling them, consider our current Energetic Clearing special.  It might be just the thing you need if you find yourself seeking what is really still in the way of your own growth.  Currently, I am offering the Energetic Clearings at a discounted price until the 2nd of January, 2020.

The Energetic Clearings offered are interactive and allow me to assess your energetic system to determine where there are blocks in the flow of your energy.  I then work with your energy to help remove or unwind these impediments to increase symmetry and proper energy flow in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or etheric part of your energy body.

And with this special, these sessions will also help to remove excessive or toxic emotions, negativity and any attachments that may be keeping you tied to old ways and binds that limit your connection with your Source.

Various psychological or behavioral patterns within you will also show up that are typically unresolved or hidden issues of the ego – sometimes called shadow traits – that need to be integrated and healed.

Energetic Clearing processes are suitable for everyone. They can help to create a more refined energy within allowing for old energies to be released and new manifestation energies to come in.

Typically, these sessions run $200 – 250, but from now until September 15th, the price has been lowered to only $150 for the Energetic Clearing session.  And, for this special, a 60-minute coaching call has also been included after the session to help better understand what was experienced and even how to further change your life towards and healthier view.

Personal energy clearing work is really a wonderful way to assess where you are at and what is coming up for you to work on to go deeper into your journey.

If you are interested, please click here to be taken to the energetic clearing sign up page and choose the option that you would like, or email me at jeff@transcodes.com with any questions.

Thank you,

Jeff Casper
Energy Coach & Founder of Selfunification

To learn more about clearings and energy work read:  Energy Healing & Remote Energy Transmission Sessions Explained

Individual Clearing Sessions can really help with:

  • Clearing excessive emotions, mental views, or attachments
  • Feeling or obtaining a new perspective on what it feels like to be clear and enhance your ability to go into self-care and healing
  • Enhance overall energetic levels to aid in connection, integration and letting go
  • Reframing or recontextualizing various patterns or situations to allow for change and healing
  • Chance to interact with an experienced coach to help break down or enhance deeper understanding and what may be better choices in your life (via email or coaching sessions) to help integrate and live more abundantly

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