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Have you ever hesitated before trying things?  Have a great idea come in only to slowly let it go out of fear or talking yourself out of it?  Or, have you fantasized about the idea and finished in your head wondering why it doesn’t come back?

If you have, just know that this is fairly normal and a big reason why so many of us don’t opt for change as we usually talk ourselves out of it before we even try.  Or, we lack the consciousness/energy level to pull it off.

Inspiration or new ideas come from listening and feeling within.  This is connection work in itself and usually is the biggest need for most.  To slow down, to listen, to feel, and really learn how to go within.

This, many times, is tied to rekindling or reconnecting with the feminine or creative spirit, and grounding, meditation, prayers, energy work, and various other techniques can assist this as it is about feeling what we need and not thinking what we need or just doing the old ways over and over again expecting different results.

However, once we have slowed down some, learned to breathe and connect, the need shifts back to what is our need?  What is coming up for us?  What were those ideas/promptings that felt so strong before?

This is where external action is needed.  Taking responsibility and concentrated effort on what our dreams or heart-based goals are…as without taking action, what comes in are just ideas, visions, or simply potentials that will never come to fruition.

Adding to this challenge of change for many is the fear arising of what could happen if we do take action?  What will people think? What if I fail/succeed?  What if…fill in the blank?

All again too mental and no action and the ego trying to keep us locked up in the safety of the known.

You see, only by trying do we learn how to change.

Learn how to grow.

Learn how to become better at anything that we focus on.  No action/no trying…no growth.

Change isn’t actualized until some choices are made and our choices are put into action.  Put it another way…you can’t think or meditate a problem away.  Or, a new job.  At some point you are gonna half to confront the issue or call someone to get an interview to get things moving.

Sure, you may completely mess it up, but it is a shot.

Don’t fixate on the error as this will lead to not feeling adequate and inner judgment that may just stop you from change.  Plus, remember that we are prone to error and no one built Rome in a day.

Instead, fixate on what you could change or try next.  Because in that failure (or one way it didn’t work), you can ask…

What could I try next?

What didn’t go as expected, and what did?

How could I see it differently?

Now, if you are sitting there with a bunch of ideas, try one.  Remember, they will only be fantasies until you do.  If you are unsure with which one to go with, flip a coin or simply pick the one that feels the best and go for it.

There is no right answer.  Only trying and then working out…did that feel right and what could I differently next time?

Taking action and learning from our mistakes is a guarantee for change and typically a pretty cool experience.  And, it teaches us/trains us on how to go for other things more effectively as well as enjoy life just a bit as in trying and listening/watching you are forced to be present and in the moment.  Living and not wondering what could be!

Take action and see what arises!  Sure beats just sitting there wondering what ‘could’ have happened!

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach & Founder of Selfunification

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