The Power of the Heart’s Path

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When working to learn or develop a deeper connection to yourself, typically most of us go the mental route first and seeking externally.  This is normal really, but the real path to inner knowing and connectivity arises via heart connection and the intention to align to truth or higher consciousness.

Once you become devoted to the path of Spiritual Truth, Enlightenment, or connecting with what you deem as ‘higher power,’ it is an ongoing process of delving further (inner seeking) into one’s own self, the ego, the resistances therein, integration/healing, while training yourself to be fully aware and connected within as much as you can.

This will bring about times where you feel fully connected, strong, and very happy with how you are progressing.  Other times it means that some aspects of yourself will come forward that you may not be aware of or really want to face leading to tension, fear, strong control responses and a whole bunch of other reactions.

But, if they are showing up…then it is time and there is a chance to change all that arises from the mind/ego to the heart.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go ‘full bore’ into facing these blocks, but a bit of work…chipping away a little each time…can really take the edge off of the process and how these defensive aspects are affecting you.

The trick is to not judge any of it.

Accept all that comes up as just something that needs to be worked through or integrated.  Of course, these aspects coming forward are typically very intertwined and may create a feeling of going backwards or lower in our journey.  But it is quite the contrary, as in these moments, what is really occurring from a heart level is the aspects that need to be seen, worked with, and transcended show up to fully allow you to integrate and transcend them to be more and more in your heart.

Simply put, these defensive patterns of the ego and your karma, show us the way to the heart, if you are courageous enough to face them as they keep arising.


As already mentioned, not judging anything that comes forward is key.  By not judging, you can begin to discern if what is coming forward is something you have already faced, a new aspect of what has already been known to you, or something new that you may have not been aware of at all or to some degree.

To judge something is usually a sign you have some unresolved emotions or mental overlays that are associated with whatever is coming up.  Judgment is normal due to your physiology and the fact that you were programmed with it very early on via modeling, collective programming, and simply the trials of life that bring about fear and the need to defend.

The trick really with judgment is to understand that it can all be let go of…  Acceptance and forgiveness are big tools here.  And, by learning to do so, you begin to release limited or skewed perceptions that are the basis of what judgment brings about in your life.

This willingness to sense or see judgment as an opportunity for growth is powerful as it switches your mind’s idea of what judgment is when it comes forward.  It becomes a chance to go deeper, to heal further, and to enhance your understanding and compassion within yourself and towards others.

To facilitate this idea within when judgment arises, begin saying things like ‘releasing my judgment is the path to my heart’ or ‘through working through my judgment and whatever is behind it, I become more real.’ This reprogramming will begin to shift or change how you feel about what comes up and how you deal with it as much of how you perceive things is in how they are felt and viewed in real life.

By making this switch to seeing judgment as an opportunity, you also begin to become to be more in the moment and a spiritual detective for yourself.  You look at judgment, fear, pain, trauma, defense mechanisms as all little clues to break through and heal.

The path then becomes more and more exciting as each every time you have something come up you go into action to feel out what it is as you know behind it will be a lost part of you, a deeper healed you, or simply a powerful release that makes your load lighter.

Remember, the journey is one that is a constant dedication to feeling, connecting, and reframing/integrating while letting go of the old ways of the mind and ego.  This takes time and you may have ego/shadow traits or emotions that go away for years only to rear back up when something deeper is triggered.   Just know that regardless of what arises, it does so to either repeat or be changed/healed.

So, give yourself a bit of break if ‘heavy’ things came up.  And, trick your mind into understanding that by facing your judgment is a way really for things to lighten over time.


As you continue to learn how to connect deep into your heart, the roadblocks will keep coming to be work on, but along with it will be the ability of the heart to help heal and rewrite/reframe our entire being.

In recovery work, this would be titled as ‘being healed by spirit’ and sometimes it would also be referred to the ‘miraculous.’

By focusing on your heart connection as well as integration work, you set up a powerful two-way approach to healing and change within you.  First, the dedicated awareness/integration work is digging towards the heart through the defensive structure system within.  And second, you actively agree to work to connect to your heart, which in turn works at breaking down and rewriting the defensive structure from within out.

This method to the heart has aided many and may be challenging at first as you won’t fully understand what is occurring other than more challenges, releases being experienced, and even a few moments of clarity.  But, with time, you will begin to notice how much lighter you feel, how your life has changed, and how all around you becomes more amazing and filled with life.

The Path of the Heart takes your journey from that of the ego and programmed reactive responses to that of greater awareness, clarity, and higher capacity to actively choose the path that feels right us.  It is one that few choose, but those that do notice the beauty that comes from living a life of truth and not that of the repetitive ego.

So, remember, truth lies within and along the path of the heart.  Embrace this and learn to courageously go where few tread to see how a life of greater and greater truth unfolds for you.

with love,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach


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