Making Life Sacred…  The Way Out of the Suffering

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Struggle (or suffering) could be a good word to describe the journey to change.


I say it could be, as many times we get stuck or mired in the challenge of change or letting go and feel like its an uphill battle that is just too steep or long to keep trying.


And, when we are trying to use our mind or our emotions to fix things or ‘figure them out’ the road is too long or the climb too steep as we are focused on what is wrong or what isn’t working.


Most of us know what ‘isn’t’ working in our lives and most know at least to some degree know what is in the way of that change.  The likely culprits of fear, trauma, pain, guilt and so on are usually sitting there looking us in the face that seem too much to handle.  Leading us to simply choose not to face these limitations and fall back to dodging, hiding, repressing, or simply denying that anything is really wrong or bad.


This focus, in short, isn’t working…and yes…it is a struggle.


If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be seeking or questioning, ‘How can I change or bring about the life that is not based in this ‘impossible’ challenge I feel?’


The shift from struggle to change usually lies in seeing that this fight or fixation on trying to obtain or achieve is not really what works.  Sure, you may need to get various certifications or degrees to do certain things, but in the end, it is not what we ‘get’ but who we are that leads our life to the next chapter.


And, learning to focus on what we are brings up a potentially better word and way out of the struggle, which of course is devotion and sacredness.


When we embrace the view that life is what we make of it and what we experience is based on how we look at life, then everything we do begins to take on an importance.  Who we choose to engage with, what we choose to fill up our time with, where we spend our day at, all affect what we are as what we focus on or hang around…we become.


You can see this in nature…how nothing is really wasted.   It all flows and there is a symmetry to it and even a beauty that can be seen and felt.  Spending time in nature leads us to the understanding that nothing really is wasted and all occurs out of necessity.


Understanding that all we choose has an importance leads to the point where we begin to  ask, ‘is this okay for me?”  Or, ‘does this action, place, choice add to what I want in my life or not?’


It takes us out of the ego’s attempt to seek outward acceptance and leads us to learning self-acceptance and even self-love if done long enough.  It shifts us away from the drama of separation (ego’s need for gettingness and doingness) and into beingness where reverence for life (or at least parts of it) begins to seep in…


As it does, the understanding of seeing life a sacred or beautiful shows up bit by bit, and if we embrace this through daily devotion to simply rituals such as giving thanks, reflecting upon the day, writing about our experiences, challenging our ego’s misperceptions, and even simply meditating on or focusing on the change we are seeking…life begins to show us what we are focusing on.


We learn that this devotion slowly, but steadily begins to lead us away from the struggles of the past and the worries of the future into the moment we are in as this is really the only place we truly have control…in our choice to feed the struggle or feed the letting go and learning/feeling the truth that all life is beautiful and sacred.


As we continue this practice it likely will even shift more into a higher vibrational expression that is a devotion to the Divine, Higher Power, or simply lovingness that will take us even further out of the need to do and continue to refine the being that we are…


Making your life sacred is nothing more than learning to focus on all life as sacred and all actions having a weight to them…and learning to harness the power of focus and choice to our lives that leads to a life not expected and a beauty that is breathtaking.

So, learn to add little rituals each day to your life.  Make them consistent and stick to them…only changing them as your focus does bit by bit, and see where life takes you as you focus on the change needed and not the struggle!

With Love,

Jeff Casper
Energy Coach


If you would like to practice sacredness and learning to devotional concepts to help you face the pains and traumas in your life in a healthy and expansive way…check out the Grace Redemption Marathon (see below)!

If we are able to feel a true inner connection with our Divine Nature – only once – we can begin to understand that it’s not the contents of our wounds what causes our pain, but the fact that we’ve given away the power to separate us from within, and thus from healing our fragmented soul through claiming our wholeness (holiness).


Each day of the marathon will have a different focus that builds as the event continues allowing for intense insights and the breaking down of our ego’s resistances and ties that are keeping us locked up or rigid.


The three main actions of this session are:


Rebirth – the focus of the first day is to realize that we can absolve ourselves for past mistakes or errors via connection and allow for the breaking of karmic ties and binds


Reorganization – the second day of the event goes deep into learning and practicing the art of self-correction via the heart allowing for a deeper connection with the heart, softness and femininity


Recreation – day three builds upon the first two days and allows for what is needed from the heart level to come forward as well as learning how to move towards these needs


With the focus and intention set forth by this event, be prepared for intense sensations, some good healthy challenges, and also experiences that take you past various limitations to a space where the heart becomes the obvious choice for moving forward in your life.


The cost for this 3-day event is $250 (as usual $50 Graduate Fee)


(discounts are available for graduates and Sacred Self-Healing participants)


Please click here to learn more about this event or to sign up!


Thank you and we hope to have you join in for this event.


with love,


Jona & Jeff



ICELAND June 2019

Conscious Living Workshop

In this year’s SACRED SOLSTICE Workshop 20th-22nd June 2019 in Iceland we will learn about ways to overcome resistance to bringing our spiritual journey into the practical.

This will be an intense workshop, not only because of the location but also due to collective energies forcing us to go into the deeper aspects of our inner dualities.

We will show and teach you how to link into your inner truth and how to use this sacred self-healing knowledge can help you on your path to inner peace.

If you cannot make it to this opportunity to learn truth from illusion in this workshop check out our ongoing online Sacred Self Healing Course or inquire about our personalized Heart Warrior Self-Mastery Program or private Energetic Abundance Coaching or Mentoring Sessions. Also, check out hundreds of articles on this subject in the transCODES blogFacebook or free energy training lessons on our Youtube channel.


Thank you for your time! Hope to meet you in person on the mountain top 😉

Click Here To Watch Promo Video



Sacred Self-Healing Journey 

24 STEPS – Sacred  Self Healing Journey: Transcending Our Ego – read more about the Sacred Self-Healing Self-Study Program.  


We have 1 spot for the Personal Heart-Warrior Bootcamp available starting 1st April 2019

Please check here for more info



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