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We all go through times that we feel that we don’t measure up, don’t fit in, don’t have what it takes or simply are not good enough for something or someone.  And, sometimes that is the case because what we are trying simply isn’t a good fit. At other times it’s due to having unrealistic expectations of ourselves, or don’t have the needed maturity or qualifications, but rarely because we are not ‘good’ enough.

Often, when this feeling of not being good enough creeps in, it’s because we are actually aligned to an emotion or belief that is limiting us. For most this is in our mindset and really has nothing to do with our skill set, abilities, or even other people…  We just generally feel ‘not good enough’ of something or someone and don’t know why?

Most of us are not aware of what truly lies that underneath this feeling. We can’t even pinpoint or remember when this started. However, there may be more there than you realize.

Here are few examples of unconscious patterns that may cause you feeling like you are not up to par:

#1 – You find yourself fixating on what others think or feel about you and rely upon it more than your own beliefs about yourself

#2 – You catch yourself ruminating about ‘if only I could do this or was that…then I could be accepted or loved’

#3 – You feel pessimistic, doomed or even damned before you actually start anything new or try something different and you tell yourself that it’s probably not gonna work out.

#4 – You have self-defeating inner voices that say ‘what’s the use in trying?’ and often set yourself up for failure this way

#5 – You feel like no matter how much you work on yourself, you’ll never feel courageous enough to not be afraid of making mistakes.

There are more, but at the root of all them is the belief and feeling that we are either unworthy or inadequate to accomplish something outside of how we see ourselves. But what most of us can’t see, that it is exactly this mindset that subconsciously aligns us to lack and self-doubt, and often also guilt or shame.

Healing feelings of being unworthy or not good enough can be challenging as usually the root of it is multifaceted and has developed over years if not lifetimes of unresolved trauma, lack of poor role models, unhealthy family or cultural patterns, and so on.  So, breaking through these patterns can feel quite daunting at first.

But, if we are at least willing to ask one simple question, which is:  ‘What do I get by staying in this?’  We then have a shot at change.

As we realize that change is needed, and the pain of staying where we are at is just too much, we cannot help but wonder what it is that holds us in this place. This is when it can help to remember that our ego operates on the level of keeping us safe and in the known.

It doesn’t want change that could make us feel unsafe or insecure for even a few minutes. It works with separation and the belief that all answers lie outside of us…Through understanding this, we begin to realize that the true obstacle is not that we are not good enough, but that there is a part in us that works against change altogether.

True worth cannot be found through someone else or something external…but only within us.

By agreeing to go within and challenge the negative/fear-based programming associated with feelings of lack or not being good enough, we have a chance to shift and even let go of these limiting mindsets and ego patterns a bit at a time.

Effective Ways to Change or Challenge the inner ‘Not Good Enough’ Pattern:

#1 – Become aware of what you are aligning yourself to inthe moment and learn ways to enhance your energetic state as this gives you a greater chance of success. Meditation, contemplation, and releasing ego payoffs can all enhance your energetic state and effectively begin to loosen the grip these programs have on us

#2 – Reframe the Pain Underneath Your Feeling of Inadequacy:  Agreeing to face the pain and trauma under the emotions by talking with someone or learning to let go of the limiting beliefs associated can cut down on the amount of energetic weight brought about by these patterns

#3 – Reprogram the Negative or Self-Bashing Beliefs:  Actively work to challenge the beliefs or statements of ‘you’re not good enough’ and replace them with you are good enough, you can do things, and you can change.  

#4 – Face Fear-Based Programming:  Seeking out the inner fear around worth and working to let it go or realizing the illusionary aspect to it can allow you to release or reframe the fear itself adding to your energetic state!

See the feelings of not good enough for just what they are they are…the very thing you need to face and heal so that you learn to be good enough for yourself!!

with love,

Jeff Casper
Energy Coach & Founder of Selfunification.com

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How to Deal with Feeling Not Good Enough

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As this guided process walks you through what is holding you back and what is really underneath it all, you begin to see where the work needs to go next and even feel relief knowing that change is possible.

After this, the Heart Clearing Transmission teaches subtle, yet effective, clearing and aligning techniques to further enhance letting go/surrendering, feeling out where we store pain in our body and how to continue to release even after the sessions.

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