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Jona Bryndis is currently hosting her end of the year show titled ‘So Spiritual’ this year and last Friday had a chance to join her a rather interesting discussion on plant medicines ranging from local herbs, plants, vegetables, and of course the psychoactive ones.

The session discussed the uses of plants, the power of them, and even went into discussions on ayahuasca and cannabis.  Worth a watch as plants really are a much bigger part of our lives than expected.  And, if you are considering the classic psychoactive ones, worth a watch!  Please see the video below…and reach out if you have further questions on the topic at selfunification@gmail.com!

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Jeff Casper is known for being an energy coach and clearing specialist/ etheric surgeon. His clients are from all over the world. In his 10 year practice as energy worker, Jeff has helped hundreds of people to remove energetic attachments, create a clean energetic slate and taught how to avoid complex energetic blocks through energy coaching and personal energy training. Jeff started his career with formal education in physical health and exercise physiology. He ran his own personal training business for years. After this, he began a long career in corporate staffing for medical personnel working with and developing new divisions and personnel. During his personal training and staffing career, he began to study meditation, metaphysics, psychology, and energy work. Since 2007 he has been working as Energy Coach & Remote Energy Worker specialized in subjects most energy workers won't touch. His work clears energetic blocks, repairs a person's energy systems and works to bring balance to their energetic systems. His energy work and coaching services can be a very helpful step in advancing an individual’s personal and spiritual evolution by better understanding the deeper levels of their energy system. Recently, Jeff working to finish his Masters in Counseling Degree and has completed a Life Coaching Certification. In cooperation with Jona Bryndis @ Transcodes.com Jeff is also the co-author of the Sacred Self-Healing and Heart-Warrior Program and developed energy clearing and healing processes that can be obtained as meditation tools. Jeff is also the trainer for the LEVEL IV transCOACH Training Program offered at both sites.

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