The Two Barriers of Consciousness Development We All Have to Face

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Any process or journey geared towards personal development, growth, or a spiritual journey has many steps, trials, tribulations, as well as hard work, but there are a couple milestones that we have to go about attempting to work past to really have any level of change in our lives.

Interestingly, most out there are not moving past these two barriers as many of the personal growth programs are geared towards getting and obtaining, and much of what passes as spirituality is externalized and does not lead to enhancing compassion or unconditionality.

Some of this is simply due to ignorance, some of it is mired in misunderstandings or misleadings, and still, some is simply out no desire to change or even see moving past these levels as a need.

Which, brings us to the first barrier that leads us out of the collective or group karma, which is based completely on learning to be integrous.

What is being integrous?

It is learning to align to truth and being in full acceptance of your life as it is, no matter what it is…the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!  This may sound simple, but really it is not.  All who begin the journey towards this goal will being to notice how they have accepted lies, illusions, justifications and false judgments to run their lives.

And, this can lead to a few dark nights of the soul and learning that most of the suffering and rigidity in these stages is nothing more than the way of the collective.   To be mired in imbalance, dishonesty, manipulation and seeking only personal gain is the realm of the ego and where many are stuck.

This is not stated to be disrespectful or call anyone out, but more so ‘calling it as it is…’  A world where most are run by the ego and the collective ties of group karma that have developed over the last several thousand years as our brains and experiences have developed out of the animalistic with a fairly slow move to the humanistic.

Beginning to sense that this way of ‘the group’ does not fit for us, is a shift or move towards a life of a more rarified experience.  By moving into full honesty with ourselves and working to face and pull out of the programs that are geared towards getting, doing and being somebody, we begin to learn what runs us in these states, which is mostly reactivity and emotionality.

Agreeing that this is not our path is rare and only about 20% of the population is currently seeking or working towards this…

That may sound unbelievable or scary, but think about that for a minute and really remember or feel out how many people are trying to allow honesty and full responsibility for self into their lives.

Unless you are in a few rarified groups, I’m betting that only about 1-3 out of every ten you meet would agree that this is their goal.

If you question this, feel into those around you and see who is really neutral, trying to be honest, not run by their emotions or reactivity (for the most part).   Who in your circle of friends, tries to be a ‘good’ person and willingly works to do so?

So, the first barrier that we must be willing to challenge/let go of is that of the emotions and not living in truth.  Or, the group karma.

Once this has become our goal…things change a bit.

By agreeing to work to become integrous, our energy actually expands as we have to move into courage for this as well as neutrality or willingness and life takes on new meaning.  We have to learn how to let go of old ways and begin to open up to greater levels of honesty and acceptance.  We learn to become more self-sufficient and resonate with inner power as opposed forcing things.

As we work through the emotions that tie us to performing, doubting, and bashing, we also begin to realize that we don’t really like who we are or only parts of us.  As this occurs, typically people start to seek ways to enhance their lives where many groups and programs come in to enhance focus, dedication, goal setting, manifestation and so on.

But, this too has limits as with enhanced energy also comes enhanced awareness, which for most leads to seeing or sensing that even though our reactivity has dropped, we still have times where those old patterns seem to rear their heads, dropping our energy and again challenging our alignment to truth.

These challenges come across as conditions of things we cannot accept in life, in others and mostly in ourselves.  Adding to this, with our enhanced awareness, we begin to see similarities in others that are also seeking as they seem to have common challenges, which leads to deeper understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and eventually some form of love or lovingness.

At this stage, typically there is a spiritual component involved and the goal is salvation, transcendence or enlightenment where love or letting go/surrendering becomes part of, if not the primary, goal.

And, in this, is the second barrier or challenge.  To learn to accept and eventually love all or to be unconditional in what we can accept or love.  To not judge anything and be loving and eventually understanding all that is around us no matter how amazing or terrifying is simply an expression of the moment and nothing more.

To see that we are not in charge of anything except our action and choices and to let the rest fall to what we deem as a ‘higher power’ or Divine aspect.  As the move from courage to unconditionality is working through not only our own personal karma (different than group karma) but also letting go of our mind as the central focus or attachment.

This even rarer state where the heart or our Higher Power is now running the show more and more is reached by a very small percentage.  But, to have it as a goal is wonderful and any actions moving towards this goal of lovingness lead to massive shifts in our journey, happiness, fulfillment, and life experiences.

Plus, as we get closer and closer to unconditional love, life becomes more abundant, more about being and taking action on what is our true purpose.  Fulfillment and seeing all of life as prayer or sacred also comes about and makes every action and experience more beautiful and perfect the way it is in the moment.

So, if you are serious about expanding your energy, learning to become more spiritual or connected, know that it is really a journey of letting go of group karma and then your own personal karma.  Or, letting go of the emotions and the mind while learning to replace with the higher or faster operating system of the heart.

It is possible, and by understanding that this is the journey, it is only a matter of time before it becomes real…all you have to do is start to focus and work towards integrity, acceptance, and learning to love yourself and others!

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach & Founder of Selfunification

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