Is Intention Enough to Succeed at Making Changes?

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Our intention is merely nothing more than our aim or plan for life.  

Simplified further, it is what we focus on even if we have no plan or aim.  And, in the latter, aiming for nothing will get us nothing or simply lots of confusion or frustration.

Aiming for something is something. This aim begins to bring up a greater potential in our lives for whatever it is we begin to aim for, and/or what is holding us back from actively wanting to overcome possible obstacles.

So, if you wanted to become a great or successful athlete and are out of shape, what comes up as you work on becoming more fit are the obstacles to get past (excess weight, poor cardiovascular levels, lack of flexibility, and so on…) that will need to be worked through.

It is in the resistance, and absence of seeing immediate successes, that many people stop or give up before starting as that is where the quality of your dedication is tested.  Pain and fear show up as major obstacles.  And, the idea of working through these becomes a struggle leading to a lack of motivation and dodging the change, succumbing to the pain or simply just not seeing the work as worth it. 

Societal factors such as today’s instant gratification based world can add even more challenge to the task of change. As work seems foreign to many people, or they read something about how life should be easy and flow all the time and effortlessly come to you in the exact way you want it.

Very few get what they want without work.  Sometimes it occurs in a few out of a quality of karma rarely seen.  Other times, they have been fairly dedicated to change already and have a good energetic level allowing for faster flow and results as success breeds success.

For most though, the desired change is mired in all the factors mentioned above as well as limiting beliefs, societal or collective views, unrealistic expectations, past attempts, and failures as well as numerous illusions based on what is or is not possible.

The majority of what this life can offer is possible.  Very possible.  But, it takes a dedicated effort and consistent aim at the goal desired or needed as well as a good strategy for facing obstacles on the way.

Perseverance, sagacity, dedication, devotion are all words that can come in here as needs or ways of increasing the chance of success, but one that usually isn’t mentioned is the quality of your energy.  

Energetic management is a way of improving your chances of success by understanding what your energy level is truly focused on. As well as what is around you as this personal energetic level is really what life gives back…it is your intention and reality based on your energetic signature and focus.

So, if you are focused on fear or making the wrong decisions quite often, life gives you back fear and chances to face your fear.  If your thought processes are aligned to guilt, life paints the world in the past, dependency, victimhood, and needing to be propped up by others.  

By learning to work on your energy as well as where your conscious focus is at, you can add to the change you are seeking thereby increasing the potential for you to manifest the life you truly want to come in for you.

But, what do you focus on and where is your energy usually throughout the day?

Are you focused on positivity, beauty, expansion, and abundance?  

Or, are you focused on confusion, being unsure, lack, doubt, or simply no focus?

Do you have a (healthy/conducive) strategy to actively deal with your ego and overcome your personal resistances?

After taking a bit of time to feel within and sense where you are at, then you can begin to own where your life is and take responsibility for it. Of course, a few tools here are valuable as when people go about doing an exercise like this, the mind and ego begin to tell you immediately why you have failed, who’s fault it is, or that it simply just can’t happen.

What are these energetic management tricks to overcoming issues with motivation and success?

#1 – Spiritual or Mindfulness Practices – doing at least one mindfulness practice or spiritual discipline a day to enhance your energetic state allows us to work with our consciousness as well as the mind and the emotions.  It allows us to see there is a greater level of energy past the ego and teaches us how to harness this energy through meditation, prayer, or other practices to enhance our overall energy.  Plus, it links us to fields of energy that have a greater level of power and influence than our mind or emotions!

#2 – Develop Discipline  – by trying various regimens of daily practice to add to your energy as well as combat/work through the ‘stuff’ in the way.  This may be positive speakers that you listen to in the car, meditation practices that aid you in detaching from the mind, books that stimulate you and even music and aesthetics to enhance your living space and overall energy exposure

#3 – Learn the Power of Choice – this is really the only thing we can control when we are aware or fully conscious in the moment.  All other control is fleeting at best.  By embracing this, we also move into more responsibility and acceptance that enhances our overall energy as well as we realize that it is only through our active and willing choices will we activate the change need.  Note here:  The power of choice and the outcome is greatly affected by our energy level, so the faster the better when it comes to our own energetic state!

#4 – Devote Yourself – Do something every day to work towards the change you want even if you only have five minutes.  Give your all in the five minutes and then keep doing it while trying to find ways to add time to this as again what you focus on, you tend to have come into your life

#5 – Never Give Up – Even if you need to change your intention from time to time, never stop working on yourself.  Successful people know this as do we all as if you look at what you have in your life it is due to the focus and choices made up to this point.  Don’t stop, keep working and remember…with enough focus and dedication just about anything can happen

#6 – Be Patient & Forgiving – Change puts you into the unknown and new areas where your skill likely isn’t quite smooth yet.  So, accept this and learn to give yourself some slack or laugh a little when things flop a bit.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and no one is a master builder day one.  With time, just like anything, you will develop skills you didn’t have and enhance the change you want in your life.

Remember, your life is a reflection of your energy and your choices.  If you don’t like that reflection, don’t beat yourself up…take action!  Own your own parts in this reflection and feel out what your priorities and intentions are.  Take responsibility for your choices, adjust when needed and tell yourself a thousand times a day: I can do this!

with love,

Jeff Casper
Energy Coach & Founder of Selfunification


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