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It is no secret that when it comes to learning about one’s self or seeking a path of truth, that at some point we gotta dig a little and see what is really going on with us from within.  This search, this contemplation is simply an agreement to truly sense or become real about all of what we are.  And, this search goes into the good, the bad, and the downright ugly that we all have in our lives.

The good, may or may not be so good once we dig into it, the bad will take time to show up and make us think we are just that, and the ugly is either right out in front of us or hidden way down where we hope that no one can see it.  

Regardless of what we find, the searching is the important part as by agreeing to learn to know thyself, we are agreeing to some degree to align to truth and a higher vibrational living that leads to a greater and greater level of awareness and consciousness.  Seeking within leads to this more expansive state while dodging, ditching, defending or coping does not.  The latter lead to unconscious awareness and the belief that all that bad and ugly stuff is ‘out there’ as opposed to ‘in here.’

That may seem odd at first to truly believe that all enemies and restrictions are within, but as you do a little soul searching and any kind of integration based work, it is only a matter of time until you realize that all frustrations, fears, and suffering stem from within us.  

And, as long as we are unaware of this hiding or ditching, the world will feel hostile, scary and upsetting.  It is only by embracing all that we are and asking what is hidden to come up that we will be able to learn what we are sensing as ’out there’ is the hostility we have towards others and mostly ourselves.  

The bad and the ugly (and even some of the good) many times are labeled the ego, the id, the shadow, or various other titles that label the more defensive or reactive side of our behavior.  And, if we go back to the origin of how most, if not all, of this ‘bad’ stuff, was formed then we can see the beauty of it.  

The ego, the shadow, even our karmic debt are all part of being human and created in this life or another when our truer nature was threatened or in danger.  And, throughout history where life was survival based only, this was accurate.  However, in more advanced or civilized times,  this isn’t necessarily the case, but the ego still works and forms patterns out of real or perceived threats regardless of how deadly they may or may not be.

These threats lead to the belief that something outside of us did this or that to us creating or enhancing the belief in being separated from others and a wanted externalization in someone or something else to ‘right’ or ‘fix’ us.  As these new patterns form, we feel some success or payoff in coping with this as it feels alleviated, which if followed enough times eventually leads us to forgetting what it was we really or truly wanted.

As we continue to align to the ego payoff and not truth, it creates a stronger bond to the coping patterns and creates a cycle of defending that the ego likes and agrees to continue to work towards developing into a full-blown shadow trait or ego pattern.  Many of these patterns last a lifetime or many lifetimes, but at some point we begin to feel that something isn’t quite right in how we are reacting, emoting or defending.

When most begin to feel this and have little to no understanding, they try to demonize or ditch the ego…or just ignore it.  This won’t work as you are asking your inner darkness to ‘just go away’ without being acknowledged and worse yet trying to also dodge the truer nature that is hidden within it.  As we continue to try to demonize or ditch it, it only brings about further suppression or denial leading to a greater level of reactivity, tension and even physical illness as we agree not to face or dodge.

In reality, what occurs in our lives, whether good or bad, is and was all set up via our choices and our karma leading to the potential outcomes of whatever energetic state our choices and karma set us up for…  If we can accept this as true, which is challenging, we can see the power of all that occurs as lessons and that the truer nature of our inner self is hidden under these patterns, programs of the defensive nature.  

If we begin to search within and have a bit of spiritual training or alignment, we will see quite the display of patterns and programs that are based solely in keeping others away, manipulating them, or even trying to hurt others.  The shadow has many aspects to it and can lead to great change if studied and felt within.

It is through bringing up and feeling what is restricting us that we can move closer to truth, happiness and possibly even love.  By facing them and feeling them, we have the power to change them.

As, learning to deal with life and not cope our way through, we have a greater chance of true fulfillment and purpose.  We can also see that we have the power change these patterns as with a bit of reflection we can realize that we don’t have to choose them but can align to newer ones that may be more loving or healthier.  And, keeping on this path, we will see the power of continued searching, acknowledging and releasing as opposed to continued defending or coping.

Take some time to feel out what is limiting you.  What is so bad about you.   Learn to love yourself and let go of anything that is restrictive or based in the ego.  Find methods that allow you to reflect and aid you in self-reflection and the development of your consciousness.  The end result will be shocking as you will see how much time an energy you put into coping and defending that now can be used for other things!  

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach & Founder of

For those who may be interested in a way to go about facing the shadow, we have an upcoming Shadow Work Transmission series that walks a person through a guided process (spoken by Jeff Casper) to help not only face our inner shadow, but also learn to heal it.  

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July 25th @ 8PM MDT  we will delve into the sexual shadow, which can help to release negative or limiting emotions and beliefs around masculinity & femininity 

August 7th @ 10PM MDT we will work to face codependency patterns that tie us to fixing, victimhood and not knowing what we truly need.

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