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THE HEALER’S HEROIC JOURNEY – GRACE Gaia Sophia Marathon Reflection (Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper)

Thought you might enjoy the reflection of this 3-day event by Jona and I below as it shows what a person goes through in one of these very intense and powerful events.  Enjoy!

Dear All,

It is the day after the GRACE Gaia Sophia Marathon and many of us are still in deep retrospection. After 9 Remote Energy Sessions together and reading and exchanging 33 reports, personal experiences and comments it feels like many of us are realizing that we have been working with the CORE OF OUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY and how to apply it to everyday life for 5 days straight.

My humble regards! Once more all of your who came to this monthly Energy Work Intensive  went through a voluntary maturing process of your personal journey only a few very few dare to take!

It isn’t easy to put into words what isn’t manifested. If we were to describe to anybody outside of a conscious self-healing path it would make no sense! However, anyone who’s ever gone through a hero’s journey – aka spiritual awakening crisis – and the awareness that the power to overcoming any given obstacle is in the INNER ALIGNMENT.

Alignment determines the Context. Context determines Truth. Truth determines Consciousness.

What you guys have been going through is indeed a HERO’S JOURNEY! The journey of reconnecting with your true DIVINE NATURE – the part in you that is unchanging and that doesn’t require DOINGNESS only BEINGNESS.

How did this journey play out in our Marathon?

First, we went through various layers of ACCEPTING, REALIGNING and DISCERNING Ego Self from True Self. It was the intention to be aligned to truth, that did not only get you here but also what helped to get through our first day. By now we are all very much aware of these layers and how they function. By actively facing our FEARS we facilitated the dissolution of our inner TRIGGERS.

Still dealing with accepting and continually dealing with realignment we then moved on to DISRUPTING these deeper layers of GUILT, JUDGMENT and ILLUSION OF PERCEPTION. Due to our WILLINGNESS to pierce through what it holding us back we began to realize the key role of SELF-LOVE and the EXPRESSION OF LOVE to develop enough TRUST AND UNCONDITIONALITY continue our journey into the unknown.

Lastly, on our third day (and probably still continuing for many of us) we ALLOWED ourselves to let go and SURRENDER the last remnants (plus some unexpected hidden layers) of our perpetual EGO BATTLE with our true nature.This was the moment when you truly CONNECTED WITHIN (no matter how briefly)! It was here where we could experience the HUMILITY and LOVINGNESS that could  align us to the SELF-RESPONSIBILITY and CHOICE to finally see the path to CORRECT our inner dualism between ego self and true self.

From here on, it’s your job to bring the experienced back into your known 3D life.
As Jeff so beautifully summarized for us in:

  “look at the work of the last three days as a practice run for normal life and allow it to give you the drive and courage to take your journey one step deeper.  Live each moment, breathe it in and don’t let the programming of what you were supposed to be or become to run you.  Choose your alignment and keep trusting the heart to reframe and reprogram.  It will show you things that will change your fixation on the ego/mind and open you to experiences that you may not realize are possible yet!”

So, are we there yet?

There are aspects of this journey that have just now hit home with us. For example the relentless DISTRACTION OF OUR EGO MIND that keeps pulling us in to the KARMIC COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE of suffering, anger, judgment and specialness due to our discontent in 3rd and 4th Chakra. If you are not entirely sure how your ego mind tricks you, watch your QUESTIONS! Questions churn your minds dualism and pull you into your inner schisms.

Trying to find answers is merely part of the distraction cop out. There are few questions that are worth asking! Those are the kind that lead us to our heart. On day three, this was the center piece of the letting go process, and with it a hint at what keeps you from truly COMMITTING TO YOUR DIVINE NATURE!

A core question, and in my personal view the only question that truly every matters is:


And so, besides the first hand experience of our already known addictions to our ego self, we have now also experienced the POWER OF OUR HEART CONSCIOUSNESS, which is what this deeper process through the TRINE REUNIFICATION (Trinity) of our inner energies was all about:

Day 1: Resurrection – Release of Attachments linked to FEMININE ENERGIES

Day 2: Salvation –  Release of Attachments linked to MASCULINE ENERGIES

Day 3 – Devotion – Release of Attachments linked to our CREATION/CHILD ENERGIES.

The occasional releases of SEXUAL ENERGY is merely a reflection of some of our most repressed   attachments. There is some work still ahead of us here, but if you can feel the corrective power of LOVINGNESS you will soon begin to realize that “LOVE DOESN’T NEED ANY PROVE” (to quote Gosia commenting on our 9th session).

The same applies to KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS  they are nothing but mirrors of our unconscious KARMIC PROPENSITIES that individualize us from another. In the end, we are all in this together. None of us really experiences an individual experience. The only difference between us are circumstances (Karmic Set-Up) and our level of consciousness that. determines the context, and with it the truth level of what we are experiencing!

The take away from this marathon is that we can choose to fight/resist/avoid/distract or outvibrate our karmic attachments. The way to do this is always the same – SELF-CHOSEN ATONEMENT (Let Go, Surrender, Connect and Reconcile) – etherically or in 3D (depending on the situation).

For each and everyone of us choosing to outvibrate our karma we are paving the way for all humanity to follow our path of LIBERATING OURSELVES FROM THE SUFFERING OF OUR EGO BATTLE!

There is nothing more to say about the layers of ego. If anything, it is the LARGER CONTEXT and deeper perspective that can motivate us to continue on this path.

Deepest gratitude and humbleness to your choice!

Special thanks to al our wonderful co-facilitators!

Much Love,

jona & jeff


© 2018, Jeff Casper. All rights reserved.

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