The Deeper Truth About The Law Of Attraction – 12 Suggestions for Manifesting a Life in Abundance

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When we think of Manifestating our goals, the first thing that comes to our mind is probably what we don’t have or wish for the most: lots of money, healthy/beautiful body, a happy relationship, a loving home or family or any other long anticipated wish or desire. If manifestation were really based on how ‘hard’ we wished for something, none of us would perceive lack – we are all good at hoping for and dreaming of a better future – but wishing is not the same as manifesting!

The popular ‘Law of Attraction’ movement is not the whole truth. It states that manifestation is the expression of energetic resonance – this part is correct. But our Attractor Field does not only reflect what we wish for. It reflects everything we hold in mind, heart and spirit about how we feel about ourselves and what we want to manifest in the present. As the energies we attract reflect EVERYTHING we align our energy to – consciously or unconsciously – we often don’t understand why our manifestations are so different from what we are trying to attract. We get frustrated, disappointed and give up.

To really understand the mechanics of manifestation we need to understand energetic dynamics of energy and ‘attraction’. Energy flows and transforms based on interaction and feedback. It’s a two-way street – constantly moving, adapting and transforming. When we have a wish or goal, the energy between our goal and us needs to converge and resonate. There has to be a positive feedback loop between what we wish for and how we feel about ourselves.

In order for our goal to manifest into our reality it needs to meet the ‘right’ energetic conditions. In simple words: We already have to be in the state of being at our goals in order to attract our goal. This includes our feelings and emotions about our goal, but also our energetic state at the moment. So, every time we are thinking about what we don’t have or worry about not getting there disrupts this positive flow and basically presents our goals or wished to come to expression.

Energy is neutral – it doesn’t care about the content of your wishes – it only responds to our energetic alignment and what we hold in mind about ourselves. Focusing on money alone, for example can set us up for unhappy relationships, as there is not enough energy flowing into our personal happiness.

Therefore it is not enough to just send out positive energy towards a visualized future, we need to become more aware of how we perceive ourselves and feel about our goals in the now. This is our feedback – our currency – that is needed to create a positive feedback loop.

We attract into our lives what we put out into our life. The deeper truth of the law of attraction is therefore in paying forward – and not in waiting for something to happen!

12 Suggestions on How to Live and Manifest a Life in Truth:

1. Drop all things you think you need or have to get!

‘Living and Manifesting a Life in Truth’ means to be able to know the difference between dark and light, between ego and truth and most importantly, between ego desire and true heart’s desire. Wishing, willing and forcing are based our ego’s need to cover up or compensate for something – in short: on the fear of lack or loss. Many popular manifestation books/programs tap into this vulnerability of our unprocessed ego and promote our inner darkness this way. Slogans like: ‘Get what you deserve!’; ‘Get rich fast!’; ‘Get your beach body in 2 weeks!’ all address an underlying lack and imply that manifestation was a form of ‘gettingness’. Drop all those things you think you need or have to get!

2. Shift your Focus to your Inner Connection

To break free from constantly reenergizing ‘what you don’t have’ you need to learn how to connect with what you have first. This requires you to shift your focus to your inner connection, as anything outside of us is not in our control.

3. Have the Willingness to Step out of your Comfort Zone

Another thing you need is the willingness step out of our ego comfort zone and to let go of some of your ego ‘crutches’ that keep you in your darkness. Energetic discernment and the ability to know the difference between a true heart’s desire and an ego desire is one of the most vital prerequisites for anyone who wants to live a life in truth.

4. Learn how to properly Manage your Energy

Energy work and manifestation work are essentially the same. Learning how to manifest changes that are based on truth also means to learn proper energy management. You manifest what you energetically align to. For this you need to have the courage to step into our inner world and subtle feelings.

5. Use Resonance not Force

True Manifestation means to know how to identify and transcend our inner and outer energies to the faster frequencies of our Inner Light – it means to use resonance rather than force. Not only does it represent the alignment to your highest potential and purpose in life but also to the most congruent and truthful outcomes.

6. Learn how to Feel and Express Self-Love

On a practical level, most of our inner views, patterns and programs are still based on the level of our ego, shadows, or inner child and therefore not necessarily always of highest vibratory quality. However, through your intention and alignment to clear and integrate these unprocessed aspects you can activate one of our most powerful manifestation skills – to feel and express self-love.

7. Learn to Transcend Negativity and to Align Your Energy

In energetic terms, self-love, compassion, non-judgment, kindness, forgiveness, peace, silence, gratitude, respect, etc. are extremely powerful energetic alignments, based on very fast vibratory frequencies. The more energetic awareness you develop the easier it becomes for you to feel and understand the difference of your energy levels, associated emotions and their resonances. With a bit of training you can learn to neutralize and transcend your lower energies into higher vibratory states, so that you can attract our true heart’s desires vs. ego desires into your life.

8. Let go of the Outcome and Trust in Your Inner Alignment

In order to attract a higher vibratory solutions for problems or higher quality outcomes your personal energy field need to oscillate on the level of the desired outcome first. Manifestation is based on attracting the outcome into your direction, rather than running after that which you seemingly don’t have or cannot obtain. Therefore, instead of pushing forward or forcing our desire you need to learn how to pull the outcome in and then surrender it to the quality of your vibratory resonance. It means to fully let go and completely disengage from your energetic investment.

9. Identify Sabotage Mechanisms

Problems with manifestation typically occur because we are still unaware that we are holding on to some of our ego patterns. For many of us manifestation feels miraculous, surprising and unpredictable, which can lead to fantasizing and wishful thinking. This often creates an unconscious push-pull mechanism. Learn to identify unconscious sabotage mechanisms that keep you wishing, pushing and hoping for the things to happen instead of trusting in your inner alignment.

10. Agree to Let Go of Your Ego

Whether you are influenced by negativity, collective bombardment, inner critical voice and ego defense mechanisms, the secret of manifestation lies in the expansion of light in your heart and your alignment to inner truth. This heart-expansion can only happen if you agree to let go of all our ego attachments, including fears and all negative sentiments towards others and yourselves.

11. Recognize Abundance & Beauty

Recognize abundance and beauty in any form and being, be it nature, the love of your dog, your spouse, your children, your health, your home, your life force, etc. See everything as a blessing – a manifestation of the Divine Field – and energize it through appreciation, self-love, gratitude, reverence and respect. This shifts your inner alignment the fastest and instantly puts a turbo on your manifestation skills.

12. Call on your Higher Power

In moments of doubt or when you feel stuck remember to call on your Inner Light – your inner higher power, no matter what you name it: Jesus, God, Shiva, Buddha, True Self or GRACE. Allow it to recalibrate your energy to your highest potential expression possible, so that you can focus on manifesting your true heart’s desire again instead of having to constantly ward off negative energies triggering your inner ego control and fear mechanisms.

Agree that you are going to have to take it bit by bit and observe inner resistances towards yourself. Remember to love yourself in the process and focus on your feelings and attitudes in the NOW. There is no such thing as good or bad luck! There is only abundance or lack – the presence or absence of love.

You choose – you manifest!

Thank you for your time!


jona bryndis

Energy Coach, Energy Healer & Founder of transCODES


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