What Energetic State are You At?

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When it comes down to managing your energy, mood or possible choices in life, the question of what energy level are you at is really all that matters as this paints the world around, affects your karma, your outcomes, your decisions and most importantly how you see the world.

Your current energetic state could also be labeled as the consciousness level you choose to be at whether that is emotional, mental or heart-based.  This of course fluctuates greatly throughout the day based stress, defensiveness, willingness to be open, your overall intention in life and of course what you choose to do.

For example: 

  • If you are angry, this is how you see the world…antagonistic and aggressive.  
  • If you are guilty, you see life as destructive or evil and feel damned
  • If you are neutral, you trust more in life, let go resisting as much and can see things as satisfactory.  
  • If you choose to really let go, love becomes the focus and here life is beautiful, perfect even, and you can sense that there is so much more to experience and enjoy

The list goes on, but the key to remember is by learning to understand what energetic state you are at, which is the overall context or setting of your life, you can begin to have a better understanding of why the world appears the ways it does and why it is we are acting how we are in response to it (the facts or content filled in via your alignment). 

Now, of course, this is a bit of a remedial view, as life typically throws us a complex view that has multiple energies affecting our lives and we respond in kind.  But, the concept is one of the most powerfully affective change agents as it puts the ability to change or heal in your hands.  

By learning to work with and better understanding your energetic state/consciousness level, you can move into a more clear and open space of being more aware, more open, and more able to change or choose healthier programming.  By developing the ability to know what energetic state(s) you are at, you can have a greater understanding of what it is that drives you and your responses…leading to a more contemplative lifestyle that adds greatly to your ability to not only live in truth, but love.

And, as you do learn to align to higher vibrational energies (See Dr. David Hawkins – Map of Consciousness or any of his works for great example ), what also develops, or shows up, is what is in the way of deeper connection and faster vibrations.  This has to occur and is how karma and the overall collective is broken free from as the lower vibrational states of the emotions and the mind are restrictive and need constant force or push to be upheld.  

As these levels are surrendered over, more layers come forward creating the feeling of and calling of it the journey with the end goal eventually being the greatest good, salvation, transcendence or even enlightenment.   

Interestingly enough, when one reaches a critical threshold of integrous living, where one is willing to take full responsibility for the whole of who they are, the energetic state here is self-sustaining as it is not propped up or forced allowing you to learn to deal with life and not go into the constant coping or defensiveness of the ego and the emotions.  

The power of learning about energetic states and what level(s) you typically resonate at allow you to have an effective stance of constantly increasing awareness and potential for change, and lead to truth, which in itself creates a pull to the ‘straight and narrow’ path to Divinity and keeps us out of the traps and pitfalls along the way.

To start or begin to understand what energetic state you are at, try the following to help you better work through and grasp where you are at:

  1. Begin to slow down and find things that allow you to sense or feel more in the moment than in constant reactivity as this helps you to create the space for sensing and observing.  Things such meditation, grounding and shadow/ego work can be ways to do this as it will enhance your overall ability to feel and sense your moods
  2. Educate yourself on this topic.  Find sites like this one that focus on this topic to help enhance your overall knowledge of how your energy paints your world.
  3. What does your world feel and look like?  The world view is a big one in helping to determine where you are at as it demonstrates the context of your life.
  4. How does Divinity or Higher Power feel to you?  If externalized in anyway, you are in an ego pattern and by learning to ask how the Divine feels to you it will help you to break out of limiting or harmful views
  5. Finally, how do you react to situations?  Do you cower in fear, blow up in anger, rationalize things to death?  The list goes on, but by understanding how you are coping, you also get insight into what energetic state you are at

So, take time to learn about energetic states and what they mean, learn how to feel them out/discern them within you and others to help make healthier choices or to break old, outdated patterns that no longer serve you, and work to refine your energy constantly to allow for assistance from higher vibrational fields to add to your overall chance of change.   Seek those that help you in this and take a bit of time to learn this…it’ll change your life!

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach & Founder of selfunification.com

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As always, please reach out to me at selfunification@gmail.com with questions!  Thank you!



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