Seeking Guidance: Hacking the 4 Most Common Obstacles With Inner Visioning

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We all seek answers to help us finding direction in life, higher purpose or simply hands-on guidance with decision making. Many of us already understand, that this higher guidance can only come from within ourselves. We read, meditate, and constantly work on improving our Inner Vision. Some even go as far as participating in vision quest ceremonies, or trying to expand our inner visioning through astral traveling or plant medicines – but to no avail. We may make cool (or not so cool) experiences, but the search seems to never end…the answers we are looking for are not coming – and if they do, they are often confusing or misleading. How can we hack this never ending cycle of seeking for guidance?From an energetic point of view the missing link is our inner heart connection. The only guidance that can help us to discern if incoming info is true and conducive for us is through our heart-field. Therefore, it is not the absence of info, but our inability to connect and discern that is holding us back. 

So, what are we missing? Why is it so challenging to connect with our inner guidance? We can feel it’s there, but somehow we still can’t make any sense of it!

Our reality is composed of energies. Theoretically, we are all able to perceive and interact with these energies. The connection process with our Energetic Self is not rocket science, and it’s not a secret either – it’s the exploration of our inner subtle energies, that exist whether we have the ability to see them or not. As we explore our energetic reality we begin to map out our existence from a whole new level of perception. Looking for answers requires us to accept all aspects of our reality. That’s why this is to difficult!Overcoming the obstacles of truly connecting within is the actual challenge in our inner visioning and navigating work.

For most of us our previous experiences with our inner worlds are limited to dreaming – the state of undifferentiated processing of mental and emotional energies, mixed with outer energies and hidden inner messages. For the untrained seeker dreaming is a process we cannot control. Therefore, the main task is so learning how to navigate and renown our inner energies we are rewiring our consciousness to become an active part in this process.

However (and this may not be what you want to hear at this point of your journey), through practice in spiritual energy work we will learn that it is the search itself – the push into our inner higher guidance – that prevents our visioning success, not our ability to receive this information. Our solar-plexus based desire to control our inner visioning can seriously sabotage our ability to tap into coherent information. Therefore, regardless of our level of training or ability to pierce through the veils of reality, we have to be willing to allow higher dimensional info to come to us rather than pushing into Visions. But this requires us to be willing to face the distortions of our ego perception!

Let’s look into the 4 most common obstacles of connecting and discerning info and how to overcome them…1. FEAR

The most common type of initial resistance to visioning is our fear of the unknown.

As we begin to connect within, and we know this through our experiences with meditation or deeper reflection, we inevitably run into the unconscious barrier built around our heart that is supposed to protect us from outer violation. The first resistance we feel when trying to connect with our Higher Self is the direct result of having lost this inner connection for a while – for being out of practice so to say. Whatever comes up when we first begin to feel our Energetic Self is typically what exactly What needs to be seen in order to get into the needed deeper inner connection!

Hack #1 : Focus your attention to your heart-center! Learn how to recenter through breathing and pushing through your fears. Until you have sufficient practice in this, you will have to face this subconscious protection mechanisms, that is hard-wired into your autonomous nervous system. In order to effectively learn our to bypass your inner fears, you need to know the short-cut to your heart!

2. EGO

The process of trusting in our intuitive navigation skills requires a lot of patience! You cannot force inner guidance.

However, our ego doesn’t like waiting. It wants instant results. The second biggest resistance is our ego’s propensity to fill up ’empty space’ with thinking, visuals or fantasizing. There is a high chance that your ego-mind will try to make up things only to make you believe that you are ‘progressing’. This is normal. Do not judge any of this! Everyone goes through this!

The intention of wanting to be enlightened is often fueled by a strong ego drive. Understand that your ego will play tricks on you. ’Wanting’ to get inner guidance is not enough to truly connect to your higher abilities and knowing! In order to become able to discern if you ego is trying to control your inner vision, you need to practice letting go of ‘anting to know’

Hack #2: Instead of trying to figure things out – try focusing on feeling them out! Feel into what you are perceiving and don’t try to control it!


Energetic Visioning can trigger our deepest inner secrets and hidden aspects to come forward. It’s the flip-side of truly connecting within. Therefore, expect shadow aspects to play into your vision. This can range anywhere from sexual content, promises of power or knowledge, to being offered to become an enlightened person/god/goddess/etc. Try to see those aspects as needed navigation tools. In order to successfully vision and explore your inner worlds you will need to have the willingness to face your inner weaknesses and work on shadow traits.

Hack #3: Do not fall for etheric gifts, pleasures or promises of power! Thankfully decline and move on! Always use your heart’s ability to prompt you. Allow yourself to feel where this ‘offer’ is coming from and what your payoff is. If you can’t make out if it’s coming from light or dark energies – ASK FOR IT TO SHOw ITS ORIGIN!


In order to learn how to let go of your ego control you need to trust your inner guidance. While learning how to navigate inner and outer energies, you will need to be willing to identify and let go of all thoughts, concepts, expectations and the need to control the process. Surrendering our questions to our Higher Power is the last and probably most challenging aspect of inner visioning! Your ability to be one with your Energetic Higher Self and to feel its higher guidance means that we have to be willing to trust in whatever comes forward – even if nothing comes forward!

Hack #4: You need an irrefutable willingness to pierce through the layers of hard-wired avoidance, distractive ego beliefs and unconscious thought processes that cloud our perception. As soon as you can trust that what you are experiencing is part of our higher guidance trying to show you the way to your answers, your perception of the unseen and invisible reality of our energetic being will explode!

Everything you will encounter on this journey is real – no matter how much you resist or try to avoid your inner truth – it’s still part of your reality!

Inner Visioning can only work for us if we can let go of all preconceptions of what our inner guidance should feel or look like! Seeking and finding answers is only th beginning of our inner visioning. In our experience as personal energy trainers, our deeper inner journey is more like a battle to keep our focus on our heart-center an therefore merely one tool for learning how to become true to ourselves. If you are aligned to truth, the quest of seeking answers can lead you to much greater insights!

Following your inner quest to remembering who you truly are can be a very exciting, but sometimes also frustrating. Remember, that Inner Visioning is not just about finding answers, but the discovery of your true source of power, love, purpose and talents, and learning to see, discern, feel and act on your truth!

Thank you for your time.


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach

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(For more details on energetic perception read my ETHERIC PROTECTION article series.)

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