Etheric Power Clearing – Using Christ-Light To Overwrite Our Etheric DNA

November 7, 2017 | By

In times of elevated collective or planetary influx of transformational energies, which are often induced through shifts and changes in the electro-magnetic grid or collective matrix, our energetic triggers are amplified. This can affect our inner balance and well being on all levels with increased intensity and can lead to resurfacing of symptoms of emotional, mental, physical or etheric bombardment.

Etheric bombardment can trigger:


  • Inability to feel oneself – connect within and others
  • Inability to connect with physical body
  • Inability to function physically; physical ailments
  • Sudden sadness or heaviness
  • Sudden symptoms, such as nausea or head ache
  • Sudden tension in back of neck/base of skull
  • Sudden tiredness or ongoing fatigue
  • Sudden agitation or hyperactivity
  • Sudden fear, anger, guilt or grief
  • Feeling ugly, inner disdain
  • Feeling unsafe
  • Feeling attacked, watched, stalked or hostility
  • Strong Energetic Sensations, Buzzing & Vibrating

Regardless of whether these unexpected times in life were triggered by inner (for example Shadow-Traits) or outer aspects, the way we perceive them is often through a flaring up of symptoms we thought were already integrated. This phenomenon is very common.

The final transcendence of inner energetic triggers, blocks and shadow-traits requires our full acceptance, that there is no such state in which we are fully ‘invincible’ or immune against outer energies latching on to our personal and often karmic propensities.

In our GRACE Power-Clearing we are teaching an advanced self-clearing modality using a very high vibratory field to directly alter the code information in our etheric body.This technique is not only useful for active self-healing of physical ailments, such as the removal of antigens out of our bloodstream, balancing neurotransmitters and removing toxins or toxic cells out of our body, but also for the removal of old systemic information that does not serve us anymore. Trauma, karmic or addictive cell memory are typically stored in our higher consciousness chakras and thus replicate into our denser body.

If you are interested in this advanced energy work technique, which is faciliated in three remote energy sessions, click here for more info on this modaity.

The next session is:

Clearing Abundance Blocks, Wednesday, 8th November 2017 (@9PM – MST)

Hope to see you in these exciting self-clearing sessions!


Jona Bryndis


Energy Coach and Founder of

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Jona Bryndis, founder and owner of transCODES and Remote Prayers. Through these platforms she practices energy healing, coaching and mentoring of clients and energy workers from all over the world. She authors regular energy updates, educational articles, hosts online webinars and live trainings for an increasing group of energetically sensitive and empathic audience. She shares her unique remote energy healing methodology, which is uses elements of remote viewing, shamanism, transpersonal psychology and transcendental healing tools in teaching programs such as the 24 Step Sacred Self-Healing home-study course or 1-on-1 Heart-Warrior Training.

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