Recent Karmic Patterns Showing up in the Clearing Work

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Lately during the clearing work, there have been quite a few strong shifts and releases that are coming up for many around karmic attachments as well as patterns that affect our ability to express and act in congruent ways.

These energies and patterns have mostly been either high up in a person’s field or around the base of the skull/neck area.  They can be challenging to say the least as they typically revolve around issues with externalization of our inner power and/or outdated or old views of Divinity or God.

And, due to their depth and strength, programs such as these can be difficult as many times we are somewhat unaware of them or their level of expression.  For those not on the path to the heart, they can seem normal and just the way things are as much of the world has views associated with externalization of power and vengeful or wrathful deities that if we do not appease will lead to hell or damnation.

But for those of us who are seeking truth and the heart, these patterns become a bit of a nuisance as we go about the work as something about them doesn’t seem true or is too restrictive.

Programs and patterns like these  are what gnaw at us a bit as we go about working to clear our energy, our heads and our path to the heart.  They show up when we aren’t paying attention, when we make small compromises to our truth, or even when we are tired.

And, they can also be bolstered by the experiences of our family or formative years that left unchecked, keep us in the old ways and likely bring anger and want to change without knowing how.

For the serious spiritual seeker though, there is a need at some point to internalize our journey and begin to feel or know that Divinity is within and to know that they only person who can keep us down, limited, in victim mode or even damned…is us.

To look at it another way, our choices in life, and the collective that we are tied to sometimes, lead us to or align us to the very fields associated with those choices.  So, when we begin to doubt or wonder why life is so bad or that the patterns of our life are unfair, we are choosing to contract our energy and align to tighter and tighter energetic fields where less options are there to change or heal and more chances of feeling that frustration come about.

And in patterns such as these where seeing the journey as projected on the world outside us as if we ‘need’ something ‘out there,’ keeps us struggling and appeasing idols that really keep us locked in an expression of ‘not being good enough.’

Adding to this, when we begin to feel into nagging patterns, we can get caught up in the story of what we feel and see as our minds desperately seek the ‘whys’ of our behavior and our predispositions.  But, this too creates the potentiality for being stuck as our mind will rationalize, fill in the blanks, or even create illusions based on whatever it can pull up.

These stories are representations and nothing more even if they hit home fully. By facing them and letting them go out of gratitude and heart-based connection, we can realize the lessons involved  and even become able to embrace a new way and a new path that is not so burdened or tied down to old ways, limiting views of our own power or even that of Divine Nature.

But, with a bit of work, these limited or rigid beliefs can also be realized, reframed and released though the heart.

All it takes is the courage to acknowledge the pattern or even the story and then choose not to go into it or be affected by it.  At first, this may add to our story of whatever pattern is there as we begin to understand some of our current or past choices.  But then, bit by bit, it becomes less and less as we keep releasing what we do not need.  And, as this happens, newer more effective patterns can come in to be the dominant and healthier choices and expressions within our lives.

With time and intention, we can let go of anything.

We can see the purpose behind our old choices and learn new ones.  All we have to do is be willing to stay open and connected to our hearts and truth.

This is the basis of spiritual change and work.  To see the old and agree to stop and trust in the heart to show you new ways.  Be courageous and challenge anything and any pattern that makes you feel limited, restricted or not being able to be present in the space of what your heart is nudging or telling you.

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach & Founder of Selfunification

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