Neutralizing Inner Negativity & Reactivity through Mental-Heart-Fusion

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These past weeks we have been confronted with the deeper aspects of mental and emotional control patterns, such as opinions, judgments and fear that specifically challenge our ability to forgive or reconcile. Subjectively we perceive this in form of increasing inner conflicts – the battle between our conscience and our inner feelings. Negative sentiments and self-doubt, but also blaming and feelings of revenge are not uncommon in these times. So, while we are prompted to go into deeper inner healing outer circumstances seem to conspire to show us the battle between our Heart and Mind.

Please read for yourself how energy work can help us to integrate our Heart and Mind, and how it can provide us with the necessary guidance to self-heal our inner conflicts. In this field-report I am addressing the participants of a past public GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion reflecting on how Divine Healing Resonances, such as GRACE can help us to effectively neutralize our inner negativity.

Please read for yourself how energy work can help us to integrate our Heart and Mind, and how it can provide us with the necessary guidance to self-heal our inner conflicts. In this field-report I am addressing the participants of a past public GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion reflecting on how Divine Healing Resonances, such as GRACE can help us to effectively neutralize our inner negativity.

The only way to reconcile with inner negativity is by asking ourselves what is truly is that we are avoiding or truly need, and not getting?
If we can allow ourselves to feel what needs to be healed we can begin to regain our power to neutralize reactivity and irritability – but not how you may think this works; not through shutting down our emotions or dissociating from our feelings, but through connecting our emotions with our heart-felt healing power and reclaiming our power to choose…

Excerpt from Session Report: GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion (transcoded by P. St. Clair)Overall our session was very interesting. It activated the resonance of Non-Action, which was met with heavy resistance at first. I guess we all are more ‘doers’ and so agreeing to not-doing caused quite a bit of inner judgment. If you can relate to what I am referring here, try to feel this out a bit! It’s something that has to do with the ability to not-react, and in this context with Neutrality. Internally, Being vs. Doing was a big part of this session and probably something we all (myself included) can work on.

The underlying pattern to the tendency to react with doing is, as so often, our control. I know that you all have been working on this already, so the energies of this session are just showing a different aspect of control and how it is part of our inner dualism. Being more and doing less requires us to accept the flow of things, and this is directly linked with our ability to discern and to neutralize the need to ‘fixing’ things or doing more. So, by reducing this reactivity pattern you may notice, that your inner dualism or conflict-potential reduces itself drastically.

Another good example is constant need to evaluate, judge or have an opinion about things. Not that it’s automatically negative to have an opinion, but opinions can lock us into reacting, analyzing, defending and doing. The trick with allowing our heart and mind to operate as one is not through being opinion-less either – it’s about the trusting in your heart’s promptings, when it’s best to let go and when a response is needed.

In our session this played into our interaction with others. Here, the deeper energy work was linked to forgiveness. Dualism, and its opinions can also lock us into black-and-white thinking. This is one of the biggest limitations of our ego mind. ‘It’ believes, that everything has to be either right or wrong, my team or their team, good or bad. How many times have you experienced that either one is true? Right or wrong is an illusion of the ego. What makes something right or wrong is our opinion and of course the level of our perception.

By now you already know that there are many different layers of perception. Truth is not subject to our mind – if at all, it can only be perceived through our heart. And the capacity of our heart to perceive has a lot to do with our consciousness. If we are wounded, the protective layers around our heart limit our perception; and with it invite dualisms, such as blame, resentments, the need to be right or a hostile view of the world, etc. Training our perception helps us to reduce those layers and with it increase our consciousness. This is the key for forgiveness. In a state of inner dualism it is very difficult to feel true forgiveness. So, in order to neutralize our opinions, judgments and resentments, we need to move into our heart; and in order to be in our heart we need to let go of our pain/emotions.

The energy work of this transMISSION modality is specialized on a two-fold process: mind into consciousness and emotions into heart. The ultimate goal is the fusioned heart-mind. Today’s session laid the ground-work for that. In the days/weeks to come you can work with this code by observing your tendency to perceive your world/what people say or do as dualism. Try to consciously counteract these inner judgments by saying to yourself: This thought/emotion is based on my opinion/pain – deep in my heart it has no meaning to me. Instead of going into a reaction (doing, judging or emotionalizing) energize with one of the resonances suggested in the invocation.One way to align yourself to neutralizing negative emotions or thoughts is by consciously moving into your GRACE state and focus on the according energy frequency:

If you feel alone, separated or hostile ->Oneness
If you question yourself or the world ->Courage
If you feel torn or the beginning of sickness ->Wholeness
If you feel weakened in your stance -> Confidence
If you feel compromised in your independence -> Freedom
If you feel low or helpless -> Strength
If you feel split or can’t make a decision -> Harmony
If you feel inner resentments or negativity towards somebody ->Lovingness
If you doubt yourself or feel you need to control something -> Trust
If you feel in a bad mood or can’t enjoy the moment -> Joy
If you are too serious or feel like you are carrying a burden -> Lightness
If you are constantly evaluating -> Happiness
If you are unsure or don’t know whether you are on the right track -> Success
If you feel blocked or can’t find a solution -> Creativity
If you feel you are not enough -> True Love

If you are constantly thinking about what you don’t have -> Abundance.

If you feel there is not enough for you -> Beauty

And if you feel angry -> Gratitude


… and so forth. You can supplement the list with anything that works for you. The important part is that you realize when you are in your dualism and to counteract it right away!

Observe your inner reactions! They are the puzzle pieces you are looking for deeper connection!

Much gratitude to everyone participating in this cool session!

If you are interested in experiencing this remote energy work modality for yourself, check out this week’s next GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion Marathon!  If you are serious about breaking the mind’s hold, this one is a must!


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