What does an Energetic Clearing Consist of?

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With the current discount on clearing work, I received an email regarding what to expect with an energetic clearing, and it is a good question as energy work can be confusing or feel like ‘woo-woo’ stuff that can be shaken off as just ‘weird’ stuff.

In reality though, energy work or clearings are becoming more and more a viable option many are considering as it can shed light on multiple layers of our being that can bring about a great deal of information as well as allow us to feel a bit lighter.

Throughout the last 9-10 years, the methods and depth of the clearing work in my own practice, has changed tremendously.  At first, the method utilized when working with someone was more directed and geared towards getting it all out or clear for a person.

Very effective, no doubt, but it doesn’t really allow a person to have as much of a chance to really evolve, enhance understanding or feel out what is in the way as it is too much about ‘fixing’ or just making the person feel better.  This approach is fairly normal in energy work, but due to the fixation on fixing, it is limited in its scope and effectiveness as the amount of information coming forward is typically less.  And, adding in here, it can also be a bit dangerous to person doing the clearings as it all about them doing the work.

This realization forced a change in my work that lead to combining the clearing aspects of removing or shifting a person’s energy with field work or aligning to various attractor fields, which allowed the clearings to take on a different approach and feel.

This approach, not only allows a person to feel more clear, but also sense and feel out what may be bothering them or what is in the way.  This latter aspect of field work occurs by connecting with higher vibratory fields during the clear to enhance the level of awareness/perception as well as the overall energy that creates a safe space for what is hurt, hidden or a bit lost in someone to come forward more easily.

To help better explain field work and how this affects us, it is best to remember that what we align to throughout our daily life is what sets up what we feel, sense, experience and interact with.

If we want to change that, we have to change our intention or what we focus on.

All of us have experienced this at one time or another through focusing on the positive, or noticing what comes into our lives when we are down, low or negative.

And, in clearing work, the intention from my perspective is of course to connect with a person’s energy field, but also to connect and work with the energy fields of love, unconditionality and even peace.  These fields, that are always there, can be aligned to and through this intention, it not only opens a person to deeper connection, but also allows for what is in the way of that connection to come forward more clearly.

This ability to sense what is blocking a person from connection or opening up can be an tremendously effective tool or a road map to see where the deeper reflection/spiritual work needs to go next if the person is serious about their journey and integration work.

And, by allowing what is in the way to come forward, the clearing work can also help to speed up lower vibratory aspects of a person’s energy, help remove parts or all of various blocks, or even help to unwind tight or restrictive energy to allow for better flow typically allowing for a more effective approach and outcome.

Adding to this, the coaching aspect via live chat sessions or email, increases the opportunity to recontextualize or reframe experiences, patterns, or emotions increases tremendously even more so as by opening up and discussing the patterns that arose (that we all have) it adds to the potential long lasting change.

This overall focus of energy work, heart-base alignment and coaching also can aid you in becoming your own healer, so techniques and ways of keeping your energy strong or centered will also be discussed or taught that brings about even a greater potential for a healthier stance and continued deep work.

Then, of course, it really comes down to what you chose moving forward…the old ways or the new ones that come in as you go.  But, this method unveils the defensive or negative coping methods and that in itself is a major catalyst for change as now what is in the way is known and felt…allowing for a healthier transition to more effective choice and enhance the abilty to manifest from your heart.

The combination of clearing work with field alignment and coaching, in my opinion, opens you up the a tremendous potential new ways, change, letting go and healing as it gives you the space to have a choice and the sense of what no longer works for you.

So, if you are looking to have a new perspective, release some of the weight, or simply learn to deal with the intensities of daily life, check out the clearing sessions.  And, remember, from now until October 1st, individual sessions are 50% off.

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach & Founder of Selfunifcaiton.com

To sign up for a session or to learn more, please click here or email me at selfunification@gmail.com or jeff@transcodes.com

And, to have a different perspective, below are the experiences of a couple people who were involved in the Clearings with myself and some of the coaches in the Clearing Training Program recently.

Thank you Jeff and Roger from the bottom of my heart for this phenomenal clearing session.
I approached this session with curiousity and openess as well as deep trust that I am in great hands.  The session itself started with beautiful heart  connection and the whole process felt very expansive.
The day after the session I was ‘hit ‘ by everything that was blocking me from actually being in this beautiful state, although I wasn’t fully aware of it.
After receiving a Clearing Session Report, I was happy that I received a ‘road map’ to lead me to deeper Self Discovery  and to a deeper Healing.  This also allowed me to participate in sessions, with pointed  aspects in the report, with greater intension and curiousity  to heal and thus become more whole.
Today,  I can honestly admit that the clearing session sped everything up  and possibly  saved me years of searching and understanding!
I truly recommend it to anyone as I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.
And the approach of Jeff and Roger is beyond what I can express in this short testimonial but they definetly are phenomenal  etheric surgeons! 
with love
Malgorzata,  Illinois 

I was going through a really hard time internally dealing with a lot of fear and anxiety leading up to the time of the clearing.  I had been actively working the SSH program for quite some time but was having such a hard time with myself at the time I actually considered hanging it up.

This particular clearing was a game changer and perfectly timed.   About 20 minutes before it started (as the instructions outlined) I had a massive fear release and was able to relax and let go of the mental and emotional looping and settle into the clearing.  So much healing and information came through that one session which no doubt was the intention and result of the process. 

It propelled me into really being able to actively let go of what was no longer serving me and keeping me paralyzed in a safe and nurturing space.  I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to do this to take advantage of it.  You are receiving a wonderful service for participating and aiding in teaching others to learn to provide this wonderful service to others.  It is a win-win. 

Much love and gratitude-

Cindy M.    USA

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