What if You Could Implement Your Spiritual Insights into Your Practical Life?

September 13, 2017 | By

Integrating Faster Levels of Energies – On our upcoming live Workshop in Colorado, USA

When it comes to implementing the deeper insights and realizations of our spiritual journey – and for some of us, our visions – we are often at a loss where to start. Many of us have a pretty good feeling for truth and are willing to explore and discuss the complexity of our inner worlds. But how many of us actually have the courage to implement their subtle feelings and  intuitions into the practical? How many of us stay in circumstances, conditions, jobs, relationships or places that are obviously not ideal for us? Are you too, afraid to make the one step that could shift our life from survival into fulfillment – out of fear the entire ‘house of cards’ you are in may collapse?

Don’t get me wrong – I understand the reasoning very well! There are often other people involved, kids, health issues, finances or dependencies we have committed to. We all have our compromises or practical limitations! So hear me out, I am not talking about daydreaming or wishful thinking – I am talking about hands-on implementation of your higher goals.

What if?

What if you had the energy to create the right conditions that could truly transform your life/career/relationship/health?  Do you know how to shift your energy from surviving to thriving? If you had this chance, would you even know what you wanted?

What would you do differently, if ….

  • You had enough money to pursue your passion?
  • You were independent enough to quit your job and do what you feel prompted to do
  • You lived your truth and knew to express what heart keeps telling you?
  • You had everything you needed to change your story and start to unfold your fullest potential
  • You were surrounded by abundance of health, wealth and love?

What if there were no limitations in your life?

What would you change?

I’m sure you’ve heard this before…but seriously! Have you ever asked yourself what you truly need to feel loved; to feel safe, happy, fulfilled – and to be fully congruent with what you do, feel, say, and express knowing that you are following your higher calling?

Again, this isn’t supposed to be a rhetorical question or mind game – it’s a very practical question! In times of accelerated inner and outer energies all cards are getting shuffled again. We can all feel that this is happening right now! Now is the time in which we need to step up and begin to live our spiritual reality. It’s the times to leave the 3D Matrix of conditioning, childhood programming, addictive dependencies, ego illusions and chronic unhappiness!

When the veil of deception begins to lift for us, which currently happened on all levels of our being, we receive the prompting to change something. New interests, inspirations, skills and even abilities spontaneously begin arise, but also new challenges and temptations!

  • How can we learn to better navigate through self-sabotage and more accurately discern what it true to us? 
  • How can we gain more confidence to break through old patterns and ego attachments that we are already aware of (or not)? 
  • How can we unlock subconscious or unseen energetic blockages that are holding us back from following our intuition – and still be realistic and down to earth?

Of course, there is no magic wand that can make this happen for us. Learning how to internalize our inner power and translate it into effective practical changes is a process and not an event! But where do we start?  Where can we find a roadmap for our self-transformation? The answer is coded within our personal energy. All we need to do is to learn new ways of understanding ourselves as energetic beings and thus begin to approach our 3D journey in teamwork WITH our own energy more efficiently.

With this we can help! Energy work and personal energy training showing us new practical ways of integrating our spiritual journey. If this resonates with your and you are curious on how to implement higher levels or integrity into your life, join us in our three-day workshop event INTEGRATING FASTER LEVELS OF ENERGY 20-22nd September 2017.

Take three days off from your tic-toc life and learn how to shift your perspective!

Hope to meet you in person at our live training workshop coming up soon!



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Jona Bryndis, founder and owner of transCODES and Remote Prayers. Through these platforms she practices energy healing, coaching and mentoring of clients and energy workers from all over the world. She authors regular energy updates, educational articles, hosts online webinars and live trainings for an increasing group of energetically sensitive and empathic audience. She shares her unique remote energy healing methodology, which is uses elements of remote viewing, shamanism, transpersonal psychology and transcendental healing tools in teaching programs such as the 24 Step Sacred Self-Healing home-study course or 1-on-1 Heart-Warrior Training.

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