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The following post written by Jona Bryndis from Transcodes was worth reposting as it covers very up to date views and needs for Energetic Clearings and Energy Healing.  Definitely worth the read!
Thanks, Jeff

Understanding the Basics of Energy Healing & Clearing

By jona bryndis, Jan 21 2016 10:07PM
With the growing number of energetically sensitive and aware people on this planet, the need for guidance and education in regards to the mechanics and dynamics of our energy field is drastically increasing. However, most of us are new to spiritual or energy healing techniques and find it difficult to choose or discern which kind of modality is right for us. There are many different ways to approach the healing of energetic imbalances, dissonances, fragmentations, blocks, attachments, ties, implants, possessions, just to name a few; but how do we know what we need? When should we seek an Energy Healer? Do we need an Energy Clearing?Energy Work can address systemic problems in our body, mind, heart and even sometimes our soul. The most common symptoms to seek an energy healer are:

  • Feeling chronically tired, foggy, directionless, worthless
  • Sleeplessness, anxiety, nightmares
  • Feeling lifeless, disconnected from others and oneself
  • Experiencing unexplainable or compulsive emotions or thoughts
  • Not being able to address addictions, eating disorders or trauma
  • Spiritual Pain
  • Physical problems that cannot be diagnosed/cured with school medicine or seeking alternatives for healing disease
  • Hearing voices, feeling like somebody is with us at all times; feeling stalked by somebody
  • Seeing, sensing or feeling ‘weird’ things we cannot really share with a doctor/counselor without being afraid to be labeled as mentally disturbed

As the focus of energy healing is not on the symptom but the underlying energetic imbalance, it addresses our interconnected holistic mental, emotional, physical and etheric state of health. Energy work often works in all areas at the same time, and is therefore suitable as supplemental or supporting modality to traditional therapies, such as medical treatment, counseling, acupuncture, body work, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc. Once we are more familiar with our own energy, we will be able to pinpoint energetic blocks ourselves, but until we actively learn to read our own energy it will be difficult for us to know if we are dealing with an energetic implant, karmic tie, etheric attack or energetic fragmentation.

As you have probably already guessed there are just as many different types of energy work to pick from, which makes it even more complicated. Should we go the spiritual route, seek a shaman, work with a psychic or should be sign up for a healing ceremony with plant medicines?

The differences in energy work techniques are comparable with different kind of therapies. Some are done hands-on, some are remote, some require a different state of consciousness, some can be done from home or while doing other things and some are done through 1-on-1 coaching. The three main groups in energy healing are:

  1. Energy Clearing
  2. Energy Connecting
  3. Energy Integration or Consciousness Work

However, because most of us don’t know what kind of inner work is needed we are typically drawn to Energy Readings at first. In a reading an energy worker scans our energy field and tells us what we need to pay attention to or where energetic blocks are located. With the information of an energy reading (which has nothing to do with a psychic reading by the way) we can begin our energy healing work.

In my experience, the results of an energy reading often already trigger our beginning self-healing process and can sometimes be all we need. But, if we are dealing with persistent or repetitive issues it is recommendable to look for an energy work professional.

Here is some quick advice: Before making hasty decisions or blindly following other people’s recommendations, the best way to proceed with energy work is to ALWAYS to listen to your heart – whether or not we resonate with an energy worker or modality has a significant influence on our healing process! If you feel pressured or fearful, take a little extra time to feel out if you are ready.

Understanding Energy ClearingsWhen we notice that something in our life is out of balance or just doesn’t feel right (and is not a medical problem) our typical thought process is, that there must be something within us that isn’t supposed to be there. Based on our symptom-oriented conditioning, it’s natural that we want the problem to be gone – we want it diagnosed, removed and fixed. However, with energy work we will find that most of our inner energetic dissonances cannot be approached this way, at least not if we are looking for long-term results. Allow me to reflect on Energy Clearings here, which from my experience as energy healer is often the first idea that comes up.

While having an Energy Clearing done by an experienced Energetic Clearing practitioner, Energy Coach, Shaman, or Etheric Surgeon may sound like a fast solution, the effect often doesn’t last very long or we don’t feel like anything is changing. Having an energetic clearing done is a very intimate process and should not be taken lightly! You should be able to expect detailed information about the energy work that was done and be able to ask questions at all times! The more involved you become the better the outcome! Just ‘having a clearing done’ can externalize our inner healing powers and lead to dependencies!

Energetic blocks are very often linked to our unconscious aspects, such as trauma, shadow, karmic set-up, past lives, inner child or overall emotional and mental programming and can therefore only be ‘cleared’ if we are willing to face some of our deeper aspects of Self. If you are serious about engaging in this inner consciousness work you will find that a little education and inner soul searching not seldom leads to eye-opening insights in regards to our practical daily environment, behavior patterns, and hidden inner sentiments or belief-systems. The notion that energetic clearing could take care of all those different aspects is therefore not realistic, as our daily behaviors and attitudes determine our energetic propensities – and with it the energies we attract, project and absorb.

The most common misconception I have been experiencing is that ONE energy clearing could magically cure all our undefined problems in our lives, which of course is not the case. Clearings can lead to spontaneous healing of certain conditions, but the main healing work has to be done by the person himself, and not the healer!

A responsible energy worker will always point out, that our healing cannot just be done through a simple clearing of dissonant energies, but that we need to become an integral part of the process. Often this implies facing how we contracted or absorbed negative energies in the first place. Not all energy workers are prepared to walk you through this inner reflection process, but an Energy Coach for example can do both.

Unfortunately, we are still not many counselors and life coaches trained in energy work yet, but this will change very soon, as the benefits of energy work in combination with counseling, psychology and even psychiatry are undeniable.

As of today, in order to find a reliable energy healer you will probably have to consult online directories, local mediation groups, talk to others who have experienced energy work and experiment a little until you find what and who works best for you. Energy Healing can be done remotely and is not bound to geography or time zones. If you resonate with an Energy Worker across the planet, don’t think it’s less effective than a hands-on treatment. Personally as Energy Healer myself, I prefer to have energy work done remotely, as it is safer, it allows me to do it from home at any time convenient for me, and it can save a lot of travelling costs.

Applied Energy Healing, Energy Clearing & Self-HealingIn my view, the Energy Healer’s task is merely to clear or free up enough energy so that we can begin to access our full self-healing capacity and perhaps even learn how to access our innate higher self-healing abilities on our own, if we so choose.

The mentioned increase in people awakening to their innate energetic perception and abilities in recent years who seek guidance and education for example, has lead me to shift my energy practice away from offering Energy Clearings, to teaching people how to clear their own energies and motivate them to become an active participant.

Learning how to work one’s own energies and potentially even becoming an Energy Worker oneself can be done on many different levels. With the help of mediation tools, guided energy processes, remote energy sessions, mp3 recordings, but also educational webinars and articles our inner energetic sensitivity can be sparked and trained. Another healing effect I found especially for energetically sensitive people and empaths is through providing a community platform for exchange of energetic sensations and experiences. In such forums we can not only learn to verbalize and express our often hard to talk about deeper subjects, but more importantly, by reading other people’s experiences we don’t feel alone or ‘crazy’ about our inner sensations anymore! This in itself provides a beautiful opportunity to become more aware and active about our own healing process and often leads to an inner relaxation about our personal issues, which in return increases our self-healing effect.

Energy Clearings, in which we are hired to identify, remove and replace disrupted or disharmonic energy codes within a person’s energy field or environment, are still a regular part of our energy work practice, but through cooperation with other energy healers and combining different energy work techniques we began to engage our clients in remote energy transMISSIONS five years ago. In those energy sessions we can remotely ‘transmit’ specific healing frequencies to anyone anywhere in the world, which allows a person to experience the clearing process first hand. In these ongoing energetic group (or individual) sessions we energetically accompany a person while teaching energetic ways of healing him or herself, and thus allow everyone to become an active participant in their healing process. (Click here if you want to learn more about Energy Code Work and Energy Healing Terminology)

I know this may be difficult to understand at first, but empirically this methodology has shown instantaneous results for our clients (read here “Remote Energy transMISSIONS explained”) and is becoming more and more popular compared to individual energy clearing sessions. The reason why transMISSIONS work is because we are not only using our own training to do our work but found a ways to include the client’s own self-healing powers. Energetically seen, the resonance with our inner heart field provides one the most powerful inner healing frequencies, which has now finally become subject to an increasing interest in scientific research and clinical studies.

During these one hour remote transMISSIONS, a person can learn how to activate their own heart-field to perform an integrative clearing of dissonant energies themselves. Using a person’s inner self-healing energies is extremely efficient. It prevents energetic overload, protects the person from energetic projection, and proceeds according to a person’s individual needs and level of readiness to face deeper aspects. Since 2011 we offer more than 20 different clearing, connecting and integrating transMISSION modalities, weekend intensives, 1-on-1 energy coaching, forum communities, educational energy work training, webinars and a compilation of 24 Energy Work modalities taught in a 12 month self-study program, which are all based on inner heart-field coherence.

Understanding “Energy Clearing Through the Heart”

From an energetic viewpoint, where everything is ‘just’ energy and a matter of shifting our energetic state to a faster vibratory rate – everything can therefore heal, provided we re-learn how to activate a coherence with our inner Divine energies and our higher vibratory abilities through our heart-field. Therefore, the main purpose of an energetic clearing through our heart is by becoming the ‘subject’ rather than being an object on our healing process. This is why we encourage participants to listen to their inner guidance and to re-learn how to connect with their subjective experiences.

In this extremely safe way of energy clearing the invoked energy frequencies lead to a strong consolidation in our heart-center filling each layer of our energy bodies with the high vibratory resonance of our own inner Divine energy. This induces a high vibratory holographic energy field within a person, which then begins to resonate with any aspect not in balance or harmony and spontaneously clears it.
Our latest transMISSION modality ‘Heart-Clearing’ was developed and recorded by Jeff Casper(www.selfunification.com), a prominent Etheric Surgeon and Energy Clearing Practitioner. In his transMISSION sessions he guides us to learn how to clear our own energy field through our inner heart-connection, while observing our energetic process remotely and giving us individual feedback after the session.

If this resonates with you and you are curious about learning how to learn to clear your energies through your heart, click here for more information on this new modality, which will be held again on Friday, 19th of February @ 10 PM (MST – Time Zone Converter) or check our list of transMISSION modalities. Once a month we offer a FREE Remote Energy transMISSION – click here for more info.
Thank you for your time.
Much Love,
Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

© 2016, Jeff Casper. All rights reserved.

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Jeff Casper is known for being an energy coach and clearing specialist/ etheric surgeon. His clients are from all over the world. In his 10 year practice as energy worker, Jeff has helped hundreds of people to remove energetic attachments, create a clean energetic slate and taught how to avoid complex energetic blocks through energy coaching and personal energy training. Jeff started his career with formal education in physical health and exercise physiology. He ran his own personal training business for years. After this, he began a long career in corporate staffing for medical personnel working with and developing new divisions and personnel. During his personal training and staffing career, he began to study meditation, metaphysics, psychology, and energy work. Since 2007 he has been working as Energy Coach & Remote Energy Worker specialized in subjects most energy workers won't touch. His work clears energetic blocks, repairs a person's energy systems and works to bring balance to their energetic systems. His energy work and coaching services can be a very helpful step in advancing an individual’s personal and spiritual evolution by better understanding the deeper levels of their energy system. Recently, Jeff working to finish his Masters in Counseling Degree and has completed a Life Coaching Certification. In cooperation with Jona Bryndis @ Transcodes.com Jeff is also the co-author of the Sacred Self-Healing and Heart-Warrior Program and developed energy clearing and healing processes that can be obtained as meditation tools. Jeff is also the trainer for the LEVEL IV transCOACH Training Program offered at both sites.

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