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heart-connectionLast Friday, we held our new Heart-Clearing Transmission for the first time and the experiences that occurred were quite impressive and ranged from open warmth and connection to dealing with intense pressures and blocks to the heart.

When working with heart connection and the intention of taking it further, any blocks to this very connection within will come forward as we work to do so.

This of course can create intense experiences and reactions, but in the end all that we experience if we are willing to face it and work a bit allow us to go further into that beautiful space of heart…

Thank you all who joined in for the process.  I will respond to all posts (keep them coming…) over this week.

Below is a little snippet of what was in the report for the session as part of dealing with our blocks is learning how to work through the ‘heavy stuff.’

Excerpt from Heart-Clearing Transmission Session Report:


When you are dedicated to the path of Spiritual Truth, Enlightenment, or Discovering God…it is an ongoing process of delving further into one’s own journey, the shadow, the resistances there in, integration work as well as working on being fully aware and connected as much as you can.  

This may mean that there are times where you feel fully connected, strong, and very happy with how you are progressing.  Other times it means that some aspects of yourself will come forward that you may not be aware of or really want to face.  But, if they are there…then it is time.

It doesn’t mean that you have to go ‘full bore’ into facing these things, but a bit of work…chipping away say…can really take the edge off of the process and how these defensive aspects are affecting us.  The trick is to not judge any of it.  Accept all that comes up as just something that needs to be worked through or integrated.  

Of course, these aspects coming forward are typically very intertwined and may make us feel like we are going backwards in our journey.  On the contrary, this is not the case unless we agree to stop working.  What is really occurring from a heart level is the aspects that need to be seen, worked with, and transcended show up to fully allow us to integrate and transcend them to be more and more in our hearts.


As already mentioned, not judging anything that comes forward is key.  By not judging, we can begin to discern if what is coming forward is something we have already faced, a new aspect of what has already been known to us, or something new that we may have not been aware of at all or to some degree.  

To judge something is usually a sign we have some unresolved emotions or mental overlays that are associated with whatever is coming up.  Judgment is normal in society and we were all programmed with it much more than we realize.  The trick really with judgment is to understand that it can all be let go of…  Acceptance and forgiveness are big tools here.  

But the biggest asset really is to switch your mind’s idea of what judgment is when it comes forward.  It is a chance to go deeper, to heal further, and to enhance our understanding and compassion within ourselves and others.  To facilitate this idea within, stating things like ‘my judgment is the path to my heart’ or ‘through working through my judgment and whatever is behind it, I become more real,’ will begin to shift or change how we feel about what comes up and how we deal with it.

By making this switch, you begin to become for lack of better words in the moment, a spiritual detective for yourself.  You look at judgment, pain, trauma, defense mechanisms as all little clues to break through and heal.  The path then becomes exciting as each every time you have something come up you go into action to feel out what it is as you know behind it will be a lost part of you, a deeper healed you, or simply a powerful release that makes your load lighter.

Remember, the journey is one that is a constant dedication to feeling, connecting, and integrating.  We may have shadow traits or emotions that go away for years only to rear back up when something deeper is triggered.  

So, give yourself a bit of break if ‘heavy’ things came up.  And, trick your mind into understanding that by facing our judgment is a way really for things to lighten over time.


As we continue to learn how to connect deep from within our hearts, what occurs is not only the roadblocks coming forward that were discussed already, but also the ability of the heart to help heal and rewrite/reframe our entire being.

In recovery work this would be titled being healed by spirit and sometimes it would also be referred to the miraculous.  

By focusing on the heart connection as well as the dedicated and aware integration work, you set up a powerful two-way approach to healing and change within you.  First, the dedicated awareness/integration work is digging towards the heart through the defensive structure system within.  And second, you actively agree to work to connect to your heart, which in turn works at breaking down and rewriting the defensive structure from within out.  

This two-way road to the heart that has aided many, and may be challenging at first as we won’t fully understand what is occurring from the heart outward other than releases, moments of clarity and understanding that come forward, as well as expansive and peaceful feelings that come forward as we work.  This is where further trust and dedicated practice continue to aid us along the path, and allows us to have access to higher vibratory solutions the longer we go!


For those who missed or who have interest in this work, we will be hosting the Heart-Clearing transmission again in February (Date to be determined).



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