The Power of Transcending our Karma

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Buddha - PastThere is a view that, before we are born, we choose our life by being able to see briefly what our life will be about. We can sense what our life will be, what culture, what beliefs, what patterns, and what basic lifestyle we will be set up in.

In that view, we would be able to pick the challenges we would face, what traumas, obstacles, and imbalances that could allow us to optimally grow, heal, and have the chance to expand our lives.

Adding to this belief, we could even pick patterns and situations that allow us to work through various emotions, patterns, and issues that we didn’t have a chance to get through yet. This doesn’t mean that we still do not have choice in each and every moment, but it does create the potential for optimal change and release of restriction and pain.

By seeing that there is more to our past and the purpose of this life than we can realize, we are beginning the active self-healing process. By accepting that there were parts of our past that we needed to go through, no matter how painful it may have been, we can begin to break down what has occurred by seeing each moment as a chance to balance the scales.

What is Karma?

Karma is nothing but a culmination of inner and outer propensities, or energetic tendencies, that we come into this life with. It is often visible in our family constellation, cultural background, our genetic disposition and more often than not inherited from previous generations or past lives. Its behavioral patterns often show in our relationships: We unconsciously recreate our childhood circumstances, inc. traumas and abuse, to heal our unresolved karmic aspects. Typically, our partners represent the opposite character in this karmic role-play.

Karmic Relationships are nothing but our True Self prompting us to match up with a partner with the correlating karmic issues. Until this ‘contract’ between both patterns is fulfilled, our relationship has very little to do with true love. Exchanging the partner doesn’t do the job either! We keep experiencing the similar relationships, attract the same kind of person into our lives and worse, deepen our karmic issues by reliving them and reconfirming our ego’s fears. The stage of the ‘Drama of Karma’ is set.

Transcending Karma

At first, it is not easy to identify our propensities as karmic patterns. Our ego wants to believe, that our unique circumstances or people in life are to blame for your personal experience. It indicates an ego identification with our patterns; in other words, part of our ego doesn’t really want to let go, because there still is pay-off in continuing the cycle: justification, externalization of responsibility, denial, ignorance, repressed anger or old, often past life related pain or fear.

The truth of Karma is that it is the other way around: The circumstances and the partners and their ‘faults’ crystallize, because we needed to experience them. The true purpose of karma is healing predisposed patterns through liberation and redemption. However, it is still our choice how much drama and time and energy we want to spend with these patterns.

Transcending Karma doesn’t mean that we can become free of Karma, but we can learn how to de-magnetize our karmic propensities and its emotional and mental control mechanisms – in short: how they affects us. This allows us to liberate ourselves from the repetitive nature of our karmic hamster wheel and helps us to recreate a more conscious and mature life & relationship experience.

If we want to learn to transcend our karma we need to look at our being as a holistic combination of programmed propensities: our genetics, our gender specific aspects, our education, spiritual background, our socialization, our culture, ancestors, our emotional development and our mental capacity. The true purpose of our life’s experiences and circumstances (including repetitions) may always stay hidden to us, if we don’t learn how to bring these aspects in the context with our Karma.

Here is where spiritual and energy work can be of great assistance. Being able to connect with our clearing our karmic attachments. In transMISSION work we practice this kind of introspection and connection, so that we may gain a better feeling and understanding for ourselves.

To become more aware of our karmic patterns and clearing them is the beginning of transcending our Karma. It allows us to get a glimpse of the purpose of our karmic experiences and helps with guilt, shame, anger and judgment issues. Understanding why we pick a certain type of partner for example can be a big milestone for our self-healing process.

By taking this view, we can look at the pain and traumas of the past as necessary to get us to where we are now. We can accept the defenses, the restrictions, and pain as needed to take us to the very moment where we can transcend them, learn to love ourselves fully, and go further down the path to the next lesson. As we do, our defensive ways will lessen and the pain will lighten. Our heart will become more the way we choose, and the old ways will become a slowly fading memory that we no realize no longer serves us.

Ultimately, working on our karma can show us where our past is influencing our ability to love – in the present and in the future. It can help us to lift the veil of ignorance and guide us to understand, that our karma is there for a reason: Namely, so that we can transcend it and redeem ourselves – for our future generations, our kids and ourselves.

The End of the Year is the perfect time for this kind of introspection and inner work. Use the opportunity in the remaining weeks of 2014 to join us in our Karmic Clearing transMISSIONS:

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For those of you interested to go a step further check out our discounted combos: KARMIC CLEARING COMBO END OF 2014 –transMISSION POWER PACKAGE.

Thank you for your time.


Jona & Jeff

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