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Healing Circle MensAs we have worked to hold both the men’s healing circle as well as the women’s healing circle each month, very interesting experiences have been occurring as well as an ongoing theme coming up each month created by the previous work.

Last month we focused on Mother energies for the Men, and Father energies for the Women.  For the men’s group, this created a very beautiful space that gave an opportunity for many to reframe and experience motherhood in a much different light, the Divine representation of this energy.   And from the brief highlights shared with Jona, the same held true with the women’s group.

We keep these groups separate in members and discussions, but we do share what the basic themes were so we can plan for the next month.  And, both of us found in our reports that the child aspect in each of us was the next focus.  The son and the daughter, respectively.

These aspects of our lives are our first role as a male or a female.  They are molded, formed, and programmed by all that is around us regardless of how loving or restrictive our environment is.  Adding into this is the karmic propensities we bring in to this lifetime.  We chose this life, our parents, our families, and the environment.  There is a reason for this and much of what we experience later in life is based upon the foundation we build at these early ages.

With the restriction, resistance, and ego patterns that can be learned at this stage, much can occur within our lives, our relationships, and our love for ourselves and others through these patterns as we grow into adulthood.

Sometimes, we are not aware of what is occurring, but know something does not feel right.  This is the purpose of these events.  The Healing Circles allow for a chance to let go, reframe, and heal old patterns of the past as well as even increase understanding of who we are and what serves us best in our lives moving forward.

Last month in the session report we discussed two basic archetypes or patterns of sons that came in for that group in relation to primarily their mothers as it was the theme of the month (adding in the father adds that much more potential for differences in patterns/archtypes).

The two patterns discussed are The Lost Son and the The Favorite Son.

Obviously, these are only two views of a multitude of potentialities, but these are fairly common ones that many can relate to and for that group were very evident.

By sharing this partial report, it is the hope that part of the complexity and affect can be seen within these templates or archetypes of the son.  If either of these rings true or the complexity of attempting to understand issues around the role of the son, click here to learn more about this weekend’s Healing Group for Men.

The Lost Son

The lost son feels as if he never connected with his mother.  Abuse, if occurred in this case (from the mother or father), is typically of the neglect type or more painful emotional or violent abuse.  The damage is done very early and may continue throughout the relationship.  This can even occur when mother was never involved.

The pain of the lost son is one of never feeling or rarely feeling love.  In this situation, there is no link or connection to femininity other than that femininity is absent or something not really there.

As the lost son grows he will typically seek out the same in partners or the exact opposite fulfilling the pattern that was created and learned from an early age.

In the case of choosing the same, he chooses what he feels comfortable with which is little or no intimacy as that feels normal.  This can be fine if the partner wants the same, but if at some point he or she desires more intimacy or love…the lost son may rebel, leave, or even attack as this will feel alien to him and likely very scary/painful.  He will likely be very cold and possibly arrogant harboring a deep pain towards femininity.

Or, he will choose the opposite of his experience in a women who is overly loving or fixing in nature. This may feel heavenly at first and very healing.  He will have the one thing he has been searching for in his life.  This can lead to externalization and dependency on his partner if not careful.

Which, may also be fine, but if he never returns the love or intimacy his partner may begin to feel unwanted or lacking.  This in turn may bring up the pain as what he so desperately wanted is taken from him and he desperately tries to reestablish what was safe and needed for him.

The need of course for the lost son is to reconnect deep within himself and with femininity.  To rebuild that connection and understand that although his mother may have been lacking (or at least lacking in his view), he can still connect and learn how work with femininity.   This is the work of being open and intimate with one’s self and sometimes within a relationship.

The Perfect/Favorite Son

Here the son is a bit more covert as typically early on in this case he chooses to please or give up what he truly needs, which is love and affection for who he is as a person, for making mom happy.  Mother in some low energetic, karmic, or fractured state idolizes him for being a ‘good’ boy and doing as she pleases.

Abuse in this case is typically overly sheltering/protecting and pampering, which may not sound like abuse.  But, at high levels of either, it can very abusive and destructive to a child.

The pleasing creates an addictive loop of receiving ‘love’ by making mommy happy over and over again to get the feeling of being needed or wanted.  It is not quite what he needs, but quickly becomes an excellent replacement and eventually the son may believe that this circumventing of his needs is really love.

As he grows this son will likely become quite the white shadow manipulator deep down as he continues that painful need for acceptance and attention.  He may rise to great levels and even be put upon a pedestal over and over again by his mother and/or women he dates who have the same program he chooses.

Deep down though, is the anger and the pain he feels for not being loved and given the attention that the mother was incapable of at the time.  This can create a desperate pattern of doing what others want to get that juice of being ‘loved’ or ‘attended’ to… And, the longer this pattern continues the greater the pain and separation can become.

Now, the pain may never be felt if the favorite son keeps choosing those who idolize him and keep that false sense of love and attention going.  But, if his partner takes away the pedestal or he begins to realize how shady he is…the pain will come forward.

What is needed for the perfect/favorite son is to let go of the pedestal and the externalization, which will likely be very challenging at first.  He will have to let of the facade he has put forward and bring the lost aspect of himself who just wanted to be loved for himself…and will likely have to love that part himself and reconnect.

We will hold open registration for the Men’s Healing Group until midnight EDT (US) Saturday, March 29th, 2014 as each month these groups become stronger and strong, and at the price of only $35, well worth the consideration.

As always, the Transcodes Forum will be available to all who join in and this forum is only visible for the participants (men only).  The forum, almost as much as the transmission itself, can really help to reframe the experiences, allow for questions to be answered, and experiences to be shared.

If you are interested, please click here to be directed to the Transcodes site.  If you have questions on the group, please email them to 

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