Men’s Healing Group coming up this Saturday the 25th at 1pm EST (US)

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Healing Circle MensWe have our monthly Men’s remote healing group this weekend for those interested in learning more about,  working with, and healing their own masculine energies within.  This group is quickly becoming very popular with our readers as it focuses in on an area that is, oddly enough, a bit taboo in some spiritual circles.

Masculinity is other side of the coin to femininity.  Neither are stronger or more needed.  It is through learning to reconnect with and harmonize both that we can become more whole.  Many men feel a lack of connection to their masculine side or even feel that they cannot due to past teachings, perceived wrongs, role models, or even societal pressures.  This group allows for participants to work within themselves and their own masculinity to feel out what is a healthy expression of this energy.

For this month, our focus will be the connection with fatherly energies as our connections to our fathers can create quite a bit of resistance, confusion, fear, worry, doubt, happiness, and even pride within us and our lives.  This is to be expected as our fathers (regardless if they were in our lives or not) were the initial role model for masculinity.

Typically, fathers attempt to do their best, but this does not mean that lower emotional patterns, karmic propensities, and even poor modeling were not passed down.  This can lead to confusion and misrepresentation later in life in our own relationships or even when we become fathers as typically we repeat what was modeled to us.

The goal of the weekend will be to not only connect to the fatherly aspects that are within us, but to also go beyond this to the energetic whole of the Divine masculine to assist in clearing, healing, and even rewriting any blocks, sufferings, pains or even physical ailments related to our experiences with our fathers or as fathers.

It is a chance to allow what needs to come forward regarding these energies within us in the safe space of the higher vibrational field created in the transmission.  This space will allow the higher vibrational energies to permeate our own field and assist us in aligning more to our hearts and the Divine aspect of masculinity.

The power of this group is tremendous, and for those of you interested, please click here to sign up.  The cost of this group is only $35.  We keep this price low as it we feel it one of the most important needs in the majority of spiritual seekers.

And, as with all of our transmissions, participants will have access to our forum, but for this transmission it will only be available to be seen by those who join in or have joined in in the past.  The forum can be a great way to really add to what occurs energetically as it is a chance to share experiences, ask questions and go deeper.

Hope to have you join in!


Jeff Casper

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Jeff Casper is known for being an energy coach and clearing specialist/ etheric surgeon. His clients are from all over the world. In his 10 year practice as energy worker, Jeff has helped hundreds of people to remove energetic attachments, create a clean energetic slate and taught how to avoid complex energetic blocks through energy coaching and personal energy training. Jeff started his career with formal education in physical health and exercise physiology. He ran his own personal training business for years. After this, he began a long career in corporate staffing for medical personnel working with and developing new divisions and personnel. During his personal training and staffing career, he began to study meditation, metaphysics, psychology, and energy work. Since 2007 he has been working as Energy Coach & Remote Energy Worker specialized in subjects most energy workers won't touch. His work clears energetic blocks, repairs a person's energy systems and works to bring balance to their energetic systems. His energy work and coaching services can be a very helpful step in advancing an individual’s personal and spiritual evolution by better understanding the deeper levels of their energy system. Recently, Jeff working to finish his Masters in Counseling Degree and has completed a Life Coaching Certification. In cooperation with Jona Bryndis @ Jeff is also the co-author of the Sacred Self-Healing and Heart-Warrior Program and developed energy clearing and healing processes that can be obtained as meditation tools. Jeff is also the trainer for the LEVEL IV transCOACH Training Program offered at both sites.

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