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4581362915.swfBelow is a past Karmic Collective Clearing Transmission Report.  Each transmission through Transcodes has a session report in the forum that allows for a deeper understanding of the group work as well as a platform for sharing experiences or asking questions.

We though it would be beneficial to those of you considering this transmission that still has space on Friday, June 21st at 6PM EDT (US) to read through one of these reports.  Click here if you are interested in signing up after reading to be taken to Transcodes!

Session Report Late 2012 – Karmic Relationship Clearing

The transmission came in softly today and although strong appeared to be mostly gentle to all of us. It had strong components of angelic fields as well as Native American themes. As the code settled in and the field was established, the energy opened up to allow for the clearing work to be done. This clearing went through phases.

Up first, was the clearing of control with came in two separate aspects.  First, the external control of the patterns, energies, binds, and ties absorbed, taught, and accepted was removed and cleared. Then it switched to internal control, or the attempt to control our shadows and emotional reactions without an understanding of the deeper aspects of our shadow. Basically, the part of us that is just following patterns/behaviors without truly knowing why.

Some of you may have had some emotional releases during the session and there may have been feelings associated with this…be sure to note them and feel out if they ring true for you. There is a component of this energy/code that assists us in removing these binds and pacts that no longer serve us. It typically appears as a rotating beam to helps to remove the binds. Some of you may have felt/seen this occurring.

Next up, were the emotional ties and binds. This level of clearing appeared in an aquamarine color washing away with almost a sheen to the color. The emotional clearing did not take long and was followed in the second half of the transmission by the release and clearing of rigidity. This was a bit more difficult to clear as here is where a great deal of our binds exist.

It is in the act of doing of things ‘as they have always been’ or the feeling of things has to be ‘this’ or ‘that’ way that we can become locked into patterns or behaviors handed down by society. Typically, to challenge these ways causes the feelings of fear, separation, or pain. It is this separation that drives some of us into the compromises that deep down we know do not ring true for ourselves. By removing the binds and the stored pain ( real and perceived), we can move forward in a way that fits our true guidance and us. This process by no means is a letting go of all you were and all you took on, but is a letting go of the things that no longer serve you in your current state.

It is a lightening of the load and a way to make space for the new in your life that is needed. After the rigidity, a bit of doubt came into the field as letting go is at first a bit scary as we have to trust in the unknown or unseen. But, if we truly follow our senses, intuition, and feelings we will find that we have little hints as what feels right or where to go. The majority of us have forgotten this or stopped listening as it was not the way to go or doing so was taught to be wrong or stifled. Or, we accepted, were taught, or bought into the need to have an external source telling us what it is we should or should not be doing.

As this doubt started to clear, there was an attempt of the collective guilt to come back in which typically is labeled in such things as ‘we are born into sin’ or we are imperfect and must slave our whole lives away to attempt to be good enough to move on. It is the projected fear put upon us layer after layer, generation after generation, of the belief that we are flawed and must beg for help as we are not good enough to do it ourselves. Yes, humanity is flawed, and yes we do need to align to higher frequencies and inner guidance; but, it is through turning within that we begin to find guidance.

This does not mean that there is not pain in the world. Pain is part of this world and sometimes is necessary for understanding or creation. However, flaws and pain are not something to be held onto. They are things to experience and learn from; adding to and enriching our lives as we expand further and further. It is through recognizing our flaws in us, letting go of the pain and agreeing to step outside of it into a position of internal power and freedom.  It is about changing ourselves and while doing this little by little, we change all that is around us.

The earth, will take care of itself. It is not our duty to fix, save, or destroy the world. All we can do is become the highest frequency we feel aligned to and allow the beauty and the freedom of our inner guidance and soul to shine forth. Through letting go of the collective we can be outside of the system while in the system. It is not that we cannot see the system or the pains of it, but we agree and align to be outside of it. We agree to strengthen our connection to ourselves, and begin to live a life of expansion and knowing through experiencing the moment for what it is…not fretting over the past or worrying incessantly about the future.  To obtain and stay in this state is to obtain true freedom.

Personally, I had many quick visions early on in the session. One that was very nice was that of a feminine being sitting by a frozen lake. She appeared to be something like a nature spirit and very fragile. She looked a bit heavy at first, but as I watched I saw that she was smiling. She pointed to the frozen lake and as she did so I saw that she appeared to be dying or fading. Then, through the frozen lake appeared a beautiful new little green plant. It came out forcefully and caused a massive crack in the ice. The being smiled and appeared to fade. To me, the symbology and the feeling of this whole transmission was the letting go of the old and the allowing of the new into our lives. Or, it is the remembrance of who we truly are coming forward. The ‘lightening of the load’ or letting go allows this to happen. It is the same in nature…the changing of the seasons allows the old to fall away in harmony and beauty as well as respect. And then, a rebirth occurs allowing new into the world. Our lives are similar, constantly changing, and if we align to this flow, we can really allow our true inner beauty to shine.

Thank you to all of you for joining in the transmission today!

Sincerely, Jeff

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