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Grace_IntegrityI found an old note that I had taken during a Grace Integrity Transmission from a couple years back and thought it would be interesting to share it quickly.  This was my 3rd or 4th Grace Integrity transmission and way before Transcodes was even up and going.  Unfortunately that night, I had to attend a lecture at the same time so I sat way in the back so I could ‘check in’ without anyone really knowing.   Below is what I felt or saw during the transmission.

I had experienced this transmission a few times already, but the clarity of what came in was astounding.  The frequency or energetic signature to these transmissions is very high and deeply connected to the energy of the heart.  I could feel this almost immediately, which at the time, made it a bit difficult for me to focus in on it while be fully aware of what was going on.

After a short while, the intensity settled or I became used to it.   As I adjusted, I was shown how this transmission assists in harmonizing our energies within as I was shown a pie graph with a little less than half representing my masculine side and little less than half representing my feminine side.  The two pieces were not touching, but close to each other.

At this time in my life my masculine energy was a bit beaten up so that side of the graph was a bit less solid or looked a little out of shape.  As I watched/felt this, I wondered what the small gap at the bottom of the graph was for as it was probably 15-20% of the whole graph.

Shortly after this, the missing piece slowly came up and rested closely with the other two aspects, but it was very shady and gray in color compared to the other two pieces.  I asked what this represented and I was shown how it was my inner child, and how I needed to work with it a bit.

I took some time and connected with the younger aspect and cleared some old stored energies.  As these energies left, the pie graph came forward again and all three pieces linked together and energies began flowing synergistically between all three of the parts until they became whole and clear.

I could feel how this transmission allowed for these aspects to be balanced and cleared through the intense connection with my heart. This work created a massive amount of openness in my field and I felt very light and connected fully to my heart center.  As the session ended, I felt as a tremendous amount of energy had shifted within me.

The following few days, I felt many emotions come and go without really needing to know where and what they were linked to, but as the days passed I felt more and more open and lighthearted.  The change was very noticeable and truly amazing to experience so much in an hour session.

Fast-forwarding to today, transCODES offers the Grace Integration Cycles a few times a month and the power of this work is now felt by many participants who are looking for more feeling, more connection, and more beauty in their lives.  The changes that occur during and after these sessions is beyond description as it takes the participants closer to their hearts and a harmonized energetic state.

Recently, we paired this transmission with the remote individual clearing sessions and the combination has been amazing as these two sessions allow for a deeper level of clearing and connecting within to occur.  Along with these two transmissions, we add in a transCOACHING session through Skype to discuss further what was found in the sessions as well as ideas/techniques to enhance the work done during these two sessions.  It is a powerful combination that many readers have been taking advantage of, and it is one that we really enjoy.

There really isn’t anything quite like this out there right now as through this work profound depth can be reached and quite a bit of the blocks as well as the beauty of the energetic system can be addressed!

If you are interested in more information on the Clearing & Integration Combo, please click here!

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